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I just want to say. My hats off to all of you posting your creations here. You all are doing unbelievable work. I'm very impressed with everyones work. Great job all of you.

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Woah! nice!

How'd you get the camera up there? (Setting z?)



Hi dk

Sometimes I just position the camera(with left click on mouse) on top of a mountain and check the preview to have a look. I will also right click and pan a view until I find something I like. Oh and if you get a rock in front of you, I just move the camera ahead a little and hang off the cliff to view a shot. :lol:

This maybe a little dated but have you seen this tutorial?


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Nice one arachnid.....very nice.  :thumbsup:

New program?


*I guess it's obvious that I like different looking worlds huh*  :lol:


The wallpaper is from and the taskbar is from what DK recommended

To get the blur look on the image is from the program google Picasa.

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Another of my weird world Terragen..... :lol:


Then ran it through Gimp... :)


And just a tip of the Iceberg... :D



I like the second one best :-)

I made a new Terragen wallpaper Click Me!!!



Here is a picture I took of a sunrise near a baseball field here in Walla Walla:

Click it!

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arachnid it's getting so that I can't come up with names anymore so I'm just giving them letters and numbers as file names.... :lol::lol:


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Hey dk.....looking good!! :thumbsup: Real nice... :D

Hi arachnid....Thats a neat one!!

"Very nice, have you played around with the sculpting tool yet"?


Thanks arachnid and yes I have tried the sculpting tool. I got some cool and sometimes some pretty bizarr effects with that.

Question:Although when I get an image with Terragen, then put the image through Gimp and add something, I then tried to open the same image back with Terragen but it won't go or I can't find it. Sometimes Terragen says it can't open or won't. I've tried leaving the image as a .bmp or a .jpeg file extention but Terragen refuses. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or Terragen just doesn't do this anyway.

Also.... have you tried this for Terragen: TGPGuiLib for Terragen

It's kind of dated I see but I've been sorta checking it out along with the water plugin that will work with TGPGuiLib. I haven't tried it yet.... :lol:

Oh hey guess what....I've found a real big discovery. There actually is "water on Mars".

Red Planet

:lol::lol: ...gotta get a hold of NASA.... :lol:

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