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  1. Happy Birthday Chappy....wherever you are.
  2. rv56

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you Chuck....and to all the BT clan.....where ever you all are....
  3. Happy Anniversary......10 yrs? WoW.... Been a member since Aug. 25th 2004.....
  4. rv56

    Where are you ?

    Good to see you cherokeechief.......fyi...you have taught me so much. You ..... Chappy.....Goliath.....and so many more from TechTv.......miss those days so much. Long gone and moved on...yes maybe so...but will always remember......where and from whom I learned so much. Thanks.....
  5. rv56

    Where are you ?

    Hey Pat......you pretty much nailed it on everything I would have said. Good to see there are is still some of us still here yet.....
  6. rv56

    Happy B Day

    Happy Birthday Jeff.....have a great day!!
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  8. rv56

    Where are you ?

    Well....still here on occasions....so far enjoying retirement and having a blast. Check in once in a while.....seems quite here...
  9. R.I.P. Marsh You'll greatly be missed my friend.
  10. rv56

    just stopped by

    Hey goliath......good to see and hear from you.
  11. Hello everyone..... I'm still hangin around also........I do stop by from time to time. Just started retirement a couple of months ago and enjoying every day. See ya all later.....
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