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Thanks guys...

Pretty amazing one you got there yourself Arachnid. Cool texture you have on the planet and neat color.. :thumbsup:

This one is using the same concept as the other one somewhat......just different location.... :D I also just happen to be listening to a song when I started this I titled it the same... :)

In The Still Of The Night

Render Time: 14:07:54

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Now that we have our first snow on the ground, I thought to work on another warm wallpaper. A shot of sunset on the shore amongst the trees.

Lake Shore SunSet

This is a early morning walk in the park, heavy dew on the branches glistening from the sun with a little fog slowly burning off in the the background.

In The Park

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I have created a few wallpapers, unfortunately they were at school (got bored and they had Photoshop CS3) so I can't post them yet.

For now I'll post my latest desktop customizing:

Using ObjectDock, the top dock autohides but I pulled it out for the screenshot. Vista Aurora wallpaper, Razor XP Theme.


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gots me a pair of Christmas themed ones I'm using right now. I've had a lot recently that I forgot to post (just go to the desktop thread on if you even care to see them).

The Laptop: Wallpaper is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya with the Standard Vista Basic theme set to green.


The Desktop: Wallpaper is from Lucky Star with a Lucky Star Theme (different windows and icons feature different characters)


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I've seen it too along with about another 160 animes (no exageration, I watch a lot). I've got the first 2 Limited Edition volumes of Haruhi but I've seen it fansubbed. I have about 400GB of fansubs and about $800-$1000 worth of DVD's, about 20 series worth with some having multiple sets (like Ranma and Gundam Wing).

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