Happy Birthday Jeff (besttechie)!

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Happy Birthday to our Fearless Leader!!

Hope you have a great one! Big Hug! Sixteen??? My sympathies to your mom, Nic. Don't give her more grey hairs than she can pluck out :thumbsup:



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happy B day beluga

sorry i cant get used to this jeff thing.

wished i was your age again .

like the others i i thank you for allowing us to be a memebr of this board

take care and i hope you have heaps and heaps of birthday greetings


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My boy turned a whole 16 yesterday...and I missed it!!!

What kinda father am I...I'm useless...I don't deserve to live...(older than 90)...I should be arrested for child abandonment....I should be spanked...(please ;) )...I should just shut up now and finally wish the kid a....



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LOL!! Dave!  You didn't miss it.  It's today (July 19th!) so you're on time. ;)  ( Mandy just wanted to be ahead of the game. :P )


Then...I should be SHOT for not even knowing when my son's b-day is....!!


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