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    Being a Mod @ Bleeping<br /><br />I love learning. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can. <br /><br />My family and friends. <br /><br />I love golf, but it don't love me. LOL<br /><br />Films made in Ireland and Scotland. Independent films.<br /><br />My dream is to, one day visit both Ireland and Scotland.
  1. Right click on icon > alarm > new > play wav sound > click on button > browse for .wav files > click OK There are no sound(s) loaded in the clock by default. If no .wav sound is choosen, a box will pop up alerting the alarm went off. I hope this helps.
  2. Wow that is cool! Thanks rhema7 for the tip!
  3. OMG What about the zip up bag to well.. relieve one self in public? If ever put on the market, that should sell like hotcakes.
  4. screi Your light display is really beautiful! Something I've always wanted to do but never have. Cool! Just seen the video on the "Miller Lite" commercial this morning on ESPN. Wondering and hoping that the guy was fairly compensated for his footage....
  5. LMAO CHERRY MISTMAS!to you too!