My Mother Died.

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Sorry to have to report this. My mom died early this morning in the nursing home. She went in her sleep and seems as though she did not suffer.

My sister & I as well as my wife went to see her this morning for a short time to say goodbye.

Tomorrow at noontime my sister & I have to meet with the funeral director to make final arrangements for my mom.

Today is a very sad day for me as all I can do is cry. I sure can't think straight.

My mom was my best friend and I will miss her terribly. My mom was only 72 years old and one of the kindest people you would ever meet.

She never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was born 6/20/32 to 2/15/05 At least I know she is at peace and with God.

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Hey Shadow

I am truly sorry for your loss and please accept my sincere condolences, as well as passing them on to the rest of your family.

In our thoughts and prayers


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Dear friend Shadow T.

I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. I know how hard it is to lose a Mom at any age. Luckily for your Mom, she lived a long life, though it still seems to young to die, and it is always way to soon for what we as children want.

My prayers are with you and your family to be comforted, together in love and unity, and to remember the good times with your Mom. Grief is for a time, and then acceptance will come at some point. Give yourself permission to grieve, then give yourself permission later on to go on with life as your Mom would want you to do.

If she was anything like my Mom, she probably wasn't to happy about being in a nursing home, and this is a release for her. As you said, she is now at peace and with God, and that is such a comfort to know.

Take care of yourself and know we are praying for you in this hard time for you.

It will get better, though it doesn't seem like it for now. Though we will will always miss our Moms, it will get to just being an occasional jolt as you go to call her, or send her a letter, or think of something to tell your Mom. How lucky you were to be able to call her your best friend. What a blessing to both of you that was. And I bet she will always be that best friend, as you remember the things she taught you, the things she helped you sort out as things happened in life, the guidance from her teaching, and her love for you and your sister, and the role model of love and kindness she was to others, and a life that sounds well lived.

But for right now it is going to be major heartache and even a blur, as you work through all the details that go with this territory of losing someone you love so much. Remember the good times with your Mom especially times she comforted you through things, perhaps when you were still a child, and that will surprisingly help you get through this, as childhood was a time for learning to grow and adjust to life as it threw you curves from time to time and so this also will be a time to adjust yet again.

I hope my ramblings help comfort you a bit, along with our prayers.

God bless, comfort, and provide for all your needs I pray.

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She was born 6/20/32 to 2/15/05 At least I know she is at peace and with God.

I think we cry because we will miss a loved one. This is our human nature. We are selfish at times, but look at it as one more person in Gods ear convincing Him you are good enough to be allowed "in".

My prayers to your family.


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I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.

Wings Of The Angels

by Tim Chambers

A gentle wind blew cross the land

Reaching out to take a hand

For on the winds the angels came

Calling out a mother's name.

Left behind, the children's tears

Loving memories of the years

Of joy and love, a life well spent

And now to God a mother's sent.

On angel's wings, a heavenly flight

The journey home, towards the light

To those who weep, a life is gone

But in God's love, 'tis but the dawn.

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i really and truly am sorry for your loss. i've lost a lot myself. i know that there's nothing i can say to help fill the great void. i helped my to think that my loved ones where in a better place and can finally rest and relax. no more troubles and no more worries. no more working and no more IRS. no more teachers dirty looks. they can finally take the ultimate vacation and for fill thier dreams.

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Sweet Shadow...i found this thread a bit late...i can only echo what the good people of our community have said...i am sorry for your loss.

i offer the words of another...

"I Am"

Listen to the wind sighing

through the trees,

you will hear my voice

carried soft upon the breeze.

When the playful wind

caresses your cheek, be sure to listen,

for you will hear me speak.

Turn and greet the wind

with a smiling face

for it is only me and my fond embrace.

Lift up your face to the gentle rain

and I will help

to wash away your pain.

~~ ~ ~~

Look out at the sparkling,

dancing sea and quietly think of me.

I am every wavelet gently lapping,

I am every swell.


you will hear me softly murmur,

be at peace for all is well.

I am the soft and gentle hush

before dawn is shrilly spoken.

Watch for the cheeky Robin,

the gentle Wren,

because for you they are my token.

~ ~~~ ~

I am of the earth and of the sky,

I am every Rook and Seagull's cry.

I am every colour

in all the Autumn leaves,

I am close beside you

when silently you grieve.

I am in soft scented woods

and the salty breeze.


I am each and every one of these!

Sadie Freeman (1871-1952)

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