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  1. In this last instance, very close, but anywhere in the house seemed to knock them off the internet
  2. hello, I have been trying to reconnect some folk to their talk-talk broadband today, and so far have not succeeded - but that is not why I am posting on here. They tell me that they have had a particular problem both with Talk-Talk and the preceding ISP, which was BT, in that, if the phone rang ( probably a mobile) their connection to the Internet was lost. They are wireless BTW. I had occasion today to see this happening. Although their connection to the internet has been lost for some days now, the home-side of the router seems to be working fine, and I was in a screen watching the Rx and
  3. thanks Terrorist, perhaps you are right - but I had thought that the private IP which belongs to the router is part of its firmware identity, built into it. If you just want to create a LAN, you would need to have that address available so that other computers could use the router just to talk to each other, isn't that so? If that is correct, then you should be able to access the router and change its configuration without any need to access the internet or get IP's from a server. When you first set a network up, you can go to the router by typing in its IP on the browser. That is all
  4. Terrorist, I agree with you that telling BT was not wise - but that is the situation. My understanding is that I ought to be able to contact the Voyager even though it is not connecting to the web at present, and I cannot. That is what I am seeking help with. I have read the link you gave and it is interesting, but people make mistakes, and if these folk have made a mistake, they will learn from it. My concern is to help them however I can, and any suggestions as to how I can do that would be most welcome
  5. Hello folks gracie from UK here. Some friends have a BT Voyager wireless Modem/Router. We set them up a year or so back and it has been fine. They have three computers connected - two Xpsp2 and one Windows 98. Recently they decided to go for 'Talk-Talk as their new ISP because Talk-Talk are offering free broadband, but they decided they wanted to do it through the Voyager rather than pay for Talk-Talk's Livebox. They contacted BT to tell them they were planning to change ISP's in a few weeks, but BT cut them off immediately, so they have had no internet contact for three weeks. Recently the T
  6. ahh! found it! Go to msconfig - boot.ini - advanced and the system identifies the invalid path and asks if you want to delete. Sorted
  7. hello folks, I recently wanted to re-install Windows XP on a drive that had only 10 of 30Gigabytes partitioned, so I put the CD in and asked it to partition that area, expecting it to then wait for me to come back and choose which partition to put a fresh copy of XP on, but it didn't, but continued to install XP without my say so, and I ended up with the OS on E:, which I did not want. My solution was to let the machine install another copy to C:, and then to format E: from within Windows. It seemed straightforward enough, but now, when I boot, I get two operating systems on the bootup menu, o
  8. I am in Great thanks to My own stupidity. I tried the solution given on the page and it didn't work, so that was that - but I could get in via the other copy of the OS and have been fiddling around trying this and that. One of my efforts required I rebooted into safe mode, and as I did that I saw that the active partition was actually the one I had thought was the faulty one. I went back to the solution offered by and this time did it on the other OS, and I was able to get in. I still have to find a driver for the graphics as there is no graphics card recog
  9. hello Terrorist. I have been there and tried the advice to rename the registry, but that didn't work The machine has not got a floppy drive, so I tried to follow the instructions to make a bootable cd with all the files on, but I could not follow the instructions and gave up. Thing is, I can access the old OS as it is in the form of a folder on C: when I boot up into the fresh copy of 2000, and I wonder if there is anyway I can compact the bad registry. There must be a way.... thank you for your help anyway
  10. hello folks, I have a laptop given to me to fix with the systemced error message. I understand this is probably because a registry hive has got too big and so Windows 2000 cannot boot as it has to share memory, and there is just not enough to go around - zat right? The owner has run a second copy of 2000 on to the hard drive,in another partition, so I can get into that ok. What would be the optimum way of fixing this problem? How do I know ( for instance) which hive is causing the problem? If I copy 2000 over the top of the damaged installation, will that make any difference since what I
  11. well thanks Dave, I appreciate the effort. Still not sure exactly what Boot Agent is, but will poke around a bit tomorrow perhaps. That's two new things I have learned this week . night night now
  12. ah! s'ok it lies on top of the BIOS. I was being obedient and pressing Ctrl-S on bootup as the screen advised, so I got Boot Agent, but press Del as you would to access BIOS, and the standard Award screen pops up instead. well thank you Gracie - you are very welcome Gracie. Hope this helps someone else too
  13. Hello people, Gracie here. I have a machine here that has an MS-6322 motherboard and Via chipset, for Intel socket 370 processor, which ships with one of the standard Bios Rom's, Award I think, but that is not the BIOS I am presented with when I boot the machine ( Viglen P800). Instead I have something called Intel Boot Agent, ver 2.2, which really does not seem like a bios at all as it has only about 5 or 6 options, all of which are enable or disable, and offers no other screens to configure devices or change boot order, or any of the usual options available. I looked on the board and see
  14. I couldn't get it to fire up. Haven't used it for a while, disappointing. Plan B is looming . Thank you terrorist
  15. Great minds think alike! I have Bart's PE builder - would that do it do you think? I don't have the one you mentioned but I will make a note of it for future ref. Plan B is slaving the drive to another - I just don't want to have to be the one to tell him his drive has died...