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  1. Yet another screenshot of The Mighty Slackware (12.0). Featuring Aqualung and ROX-Filer.
  2. Thanks hitest, I went ahead and subscribed to the Slackware security update mailing list. Anyway, my issue has been resolved. To get this functionality from slapt-get, you need to have gnupg installed. Absolute 12 has gnupg2 by default, but not gnupg. I installed gnupg 1.4.7-i486-1 and all is working correctly. If you're wondering whether gnupg(1) will conflict with gnupg2, apparently it will not. From the gnupg2 announce: "However, both versions may be installed alongside without any conflict." source: http://lists.gnupg.org/pipermail/gnupg-ann...6q4/000239.html Thanks to Jason over at jaos d
  3. Perhaps they were referring to installing the different components of SeaMonkey. In addition to the browser, you can also install the chat client, mail client, etc. I've used SeaMonkey from the release of Firefox 2 (because I liked FF 1.5 so much better). But since Firefox came out, it seems much faster and more stable, so I tend to use it over SeaMonkey now. Some people have trouble installing SeaMonkey, so I'm going to give a list of commands to follow. First, if you're distro uses sudo (like Ubuntu) DON'T USE SUDO to do the install. Extract the SeaMonkey installer with: tar -xvzf s
  4. Absolute Linux 12 (based on Slackware 12) Great distro. Very fast. No bugs to report. (only had problems with slapt-get after updating it - not the distro's fault) I'd forgotten how fantastic K3B was. Absolute home page: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/
  5. I was wondering how Slackware users update their systems. Is slapt-get the best way? If some forum members are using slapt-get, would you tell me what version? Do you recommend using it? I'm using version 0.9.12a and I can't get "slapt-get --add-keys" to work. This is the error I'm seeing: slapt-get: src/gpgme.c:204: slapt_add_pkg_source_gpg_key: Assertion `e == GPG_ERR_NO_ERROR' failed. Aborted I pulled 0.9.12a from cvs because 0.9.12 was giving me a "segfault". Apart from the verification error, it seems to be working correctly. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, I'm using Absolute Linux 12
  6. Here's Zenwalk 4.6.1 running on my old Athlon 750. I had some trouble getting my ancient modem and ES1868 sound card working (both ISA). Apparently Zenwalk comes without any support for the ISA bus, I had to download the kernel source and recompile with ISA, ISA PnP and sound drivers. (first time compiling a kernel, can't believe it works!!!) Minor bug complaint: the menu system. To get to them, you right-click on the desktop. But occasionally the menus will completely disappear while I'm browsing them. Also the "Quit" menu item is reluctant sometimes. I may have to click it a few times before
  7. This should explain how the root account works in Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo
  8. Aqualung - gapless audio playback for GNU/Linux. HumanAzul icon theme.
  9. No screenshots posted lately, so here's one of Ubuntu Dapper. Working great. Not seeing any reason to upgrade.
  10. In the address bar, type in: about:config Then search or scroll to this key: browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll Right-click and select "toggle", you want the key set to "true". This is for Firefox 1.5 but should be the same for 2.0. (I'm a SeaMonkey user)
  11. If you're interested in trying something else, I recently installed SeaMonkey, and am very impressed. It's a browser, email and chat client in one. Looks and works just like Netscape 7 - my favorite browser from the MS Windows days. http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/
  12. fixmbr should do the trick. If you'd like more info, I found this explanation very helpful: http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p18.htm
  13. Thought some of you guys/gals might be interested in a little light reading. (this was on Digg a few days ago, so you may already be aware) Here's a link if you're interested: http://www.kroah.com/lkn/
  14. Good to know. We'll just stick with FAT then.(Its been a long time since I even booted Windows - its just taking HD space at the moment)
  15. (Copy/Paste from Ubuntu Handbook) If you would like a more specific answer, please post output from: sudo fdisk -l and the file system you would like to use on the 15 gig partition. Note: Windows can (with a little help) read/write to an EXT3 partition. I think ReiserFS as well.