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  1. yes indeed, another year is coming to an end. i wish i could be a more frequent contributor like i had been in the past, but i simply cannot. but this being said, i do want to take this time to wish all of you the most happiest holiday greetings.
  2. it is also highly possible the AGP or PCI connection on the motherboard is burnt out. can you try a different slot?
  3. this really isn't much information my friend. if the screen is completely blank and when you push in the power button nothing happens, a simply fix might be to open up the pc and remove the battery. many batteries last a long time but not forever. the battery is about the size of a dime and under $3 at most stores, like your local Walgreen's or even a convience store. insert the new battery and try again to power up the pc. if this does not work now you have to check and see if the power supply isn't working. usually again once the case is opened up, look at the motherboard for a tiny green li
  4. although i cannot help you with Firefox, in IE, go to: tools, internet options, then General Tab, then settings... where it asks you how to store pages, make sure check either "automatically" or "every visit to the page" is selected. mine is "every visit to the page" i have allocated 35MB of storage. you may have way too many days for storage your History (21) as you say, so personally i have "0" days saved...maybe you need to lower the amount of days? for Firefox, sorry, i cannot help you.
  5. although at my age i have no desire to do this, i did however do a quick google search, and came up with this, crude diagram.
  6. the only advantage to having that additional program is that if one of the others doesn't pick up on something, then Trend Micro "might". as long as its free, then go ahead and install it, and i wouldn't recommend uninstalling anything. just of course don't run it the same time as you run another program. that might cause some type of conflict.
  7. well i have had many pc's in my time show the same screen ("no video signal"), but that doesn't mean the power supply is still working. in fact, with my pc shut off, i get that message too. of course, i would recommend another power supply, say under 200 watts, as this machine is so old. as for the ram, if you can remove at least 1 stick(?) go ahead and try that too, then reboot. i have some very old ram sitting around here, don't remember much about it though, as i gutted out several old pc's over the years. but i DO remember removing a stick (or 2) of old ram, and the machines would come to
  8. yes i too remember Patrick & Leo doing some things to an XBOX, like soldering chips. i was able to go back to my grand-daughters house and give a listen to the dvd player. apparently, this one particular game causes the dvd player to make the whinning noise, like its trying to "seek" something, and the dvd is spinning like crazy. i have already searched for an inexpensive dvd player, they are under $25.00 at most stores, even online. so with that in mind, i will probably jsut change out the drive and leave the HDD all alone. when the machine finally dies, then she can get a new one. maybe
  9. what operating system.........?? in XP you are given the chance to use the "hardware removal" function before you remove anything, in this case, the keyboard. it is strange this would happen. i would not even at this time venture to guess that somehow you managed to unseat the on-board video card, as that's nearly impossible, since the keyboard ps2 is way up higher on the tower than the video connection. i would try again to remove the CMOS battery, this time for say about 10 minutes. but before you do this, do a "hard shutdown" of your pc by holding in the power button as you shut down the pc
  10. these questions were asked on another forum i am a member of, most of you know me from there as well. if there is a way to install a new hard drive in an XBOX that doesn't require the "mod chip" or whatever else, and its against board policy to mention that here, then please PM me with a solution. thanks in advance, and here's my dilema(sp?) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ok, here it goes. my grand-daughter has a 2 year old XBOX. i don't know the serial number, or model number, to me, its just an XBOX, nothing really special. i heard a noise that she pointed out to me. it sounds like a
  11. as i was becoming more and more disgusted with Norton, i eventually removed it and downloaded AVG on my 2 pc's. i can't find any reason to have a high dollar anti virus any more, or a program which is a resource hog such as Norton.
  12. one other question. would anyone know what this pc would have sold for when brand new...?? now, as a brand new pc, it would have come with a monitor as well. mine will not include a monitor, but that's ok, i have a great LCD. thanks again.
  13. hey thanks to all that responded and happy to hear form some old friends as well as new friends. the "cream corn fetish" is from my earkier days when i had to get some of my teeth replaced. i naturally couldn't eat anything solid for a while, so my (late) wife would serve up creamed corn instead of my favorite corn on the cob. i actually got to like creamed corn so much, i once made a joke of it by saying, "i want my creamed corn now, damnit"............. need i tell you my wife nearly "gave me" my creamed corn...............?????? i'll you would've hurt too...........
  14. never mind, after several tries ( i was doing it right, the boards just don't accept it?), i found the link "maker" in the bar.
  15. (i forgot how to make a link)