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  1. this may help http://toolbar.google.com/T4/enterprise/admin_guide.html it tells you how to set it up, and disable the things you don't like. we use the enterprise version, the normal one may be diffrent
  2. we saw a list of faild repositories, so I ask for you to list them, I really am grasping as I just loaded up gentoo from a live cd, it stated I need a plug macromedia and it download and installed it for me. but In firefox I did an about:plugins this list all plugins if you can list those also we may find the missing plug in.
  3. got it .. its looking for an int not the format so 2 = .00
  4. ok on the number up down control , how do I set this to .00 for teh decmial control, I keep getting .00 is not a valid value for Int32 but every thing online says I can do this..
  5. can you do a cat /etc/apt/sources.list and post the output.. it may be large so you can capture it to a file with cat /etc/apt/sources.list >> ~/Destop/list_output.txt there would be a new file called list_output.txt o nyour desktop that would contain the output of the command
  6. did this get fixed, buy the loosk of things we have a courrupt repositories list.. anyone.. I don't have ubuntu so I am behind on comming up witha how to fix
  7. i would not trust windows with anythign but fat. I have ssen it kill ext2/3 partions in a hartbeat..
  8. if they added some viedo cards, and some more keyboards and mice, that one computer serving 8 kids could give each their own desktop so they would not have to share ( 4 would be ideal so they can work in teams of two but not crowd 8 around once screen) or go with Sunrays to expand the desktops to more from a single server. but that would cost more, its intresting that the provences listed are not the ones the Bill and malenda gates foundation gave a lot of money to. but then agian to recive the computers and money they may have required a windows purchess like they did for the fairfax virgin
  9. I’ll have to load up Ubuntu , as I don't use it and write a step by step, I will lay bets that Hitest beats me.. But simply synaptic is a gui version of apt, so you add repos to a file and then you run synaptic, hit the update button and then put a checkmark against programs you want installed or updated. and sorry for the boy/girl mixup, with your last icon I though MyCal was religious, like archangel type... and when your not sure...
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    Just a note.. I am trying to spur discussion.. So I am posting things I find that relate to Linux.. Also some like this link, who proposes why Linux is "Better", I feel turn people off as its elitist sounding. I like reading these as they always seam to point out software that I did not know existed.. in this case netpanzer.. (by they way it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac so its not a Linux game for say..) Here is my opinion after using Linux/BSD (of all types). When I use windows I feel constrained.. I try to get things accomplished but the tools are not there, I have to find tools that do
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    http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/ I like the game listing but it should have links..
  12. sorry, I looked, there are a lot for Linux like Banchee, rythembox, gtkpod ect.. but for windows I find you can buy differnt programs. I do have copy pod to backup my Ipod and it acts like a music player but its $20, but Itunes only backs ups the songs or stuff you buy, not the others and since I don't rip Cd's to leave on the computer just my ipod I needed backup software..
  13. quick check, did you restart firefox after installing the plugins
  14. I found in a diffrent forum the answer I think you are looking for http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-14756.html here is the meat I think you need. its half way down add---- link to the gui frontend http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...9&vid=49488
  15. if you are using firefox, a tag at the top of the page, if you click that you will get a option to install the plug in, but it all depends what plug in it is asking for?
  16. you give her a choice? ... thats not very windows like..
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  18. yes , sorry for xp you must chage the pid 2003 server you do not..
  19. with Windows XP and some other windows software, the number you type in does a check on cd name. I have built for work, Windows install cd's from OEM CD by using a List of CD names I have. from the new disk it took our enterprise License number, while the origianl disk (from Dell) would not.. This is good to have as a System builder or as a sysadmin to help het you out of jams.. and since softmart charges almost $50 for a CD with no license.. it saves customers money as its the license you are buying... not the CD. you can buy oem cd's from e-bay. here is a list of correct cd name ( obtained
  20. thanks JCL. I just installed mono on windows.. I had to remove using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; to get it to build, but it worked and those are not needed and just left over from tring to use arrayList..
  21. can someone compile this in mono for me and let me know if it runs. My company gave me a new laptop and I don't have Linux up and running due to encryption they put on the harddrive.. Waiting ot buy new drive and fix this problem.. But I wanted ot make sure It would run..
  22. Ok I am looking for input. I have a starts of a program (from the command line GUI next) that will build an xml file that contains all the information for a text based adventure game (think 1980's) The ideal is to break the file into room's with the following information for each room What room numbers are to each side (N,S,E,W) along with a description of the room and if there are hidden items in the room At the end expand to allow monsters, or other NPC or items that are not apart of rooms. The goal is to allow others to make the game engine that uses this file (I will make one in C# mono a
  23. I think these are all good choices, but if you are straming fro Ituens, I am not sure of any of these can.. I don't use I tunes, I will use VLC to stream movies and music IMHO Banshee is great. For Mono programmers you can reuse the audio libraries for native C# audio handling, something we can’t find for .net so for that reason alone I support Banshee
  24. hehe, I ask my self the same thing all the time..but in this case I am tring to learn, its my last semester of collage and work is starting to let me work on code (so I can learn because collage has tought me almost nothing real world.) so as a proof of concept I am build a program that creates a xml framework for a old type adventure game (the only thing I could think of) This creates a xml file based on input (early stages). here is what I have so far, I am tring to make it better, and test out new things. I am reading in a book abought about ArrayList, But I don't really understand what t