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  1. I have 2 problems, I have 2 monitors and the screen saver only appears on 1 monitor how do i get it on both? 2nd My screen saver is not centered on the screen there are 2 black bars to the top and the left How do i recenter it?
  2. Im sorry its VB6 i thought i out that in there.
  3. I am writing a program to rename Files in VB en Mass. I have almost all of the program working the only thing i don't know how to do is have VB rename the files in the folder I choose in the directory box. I have everything else all i have to do(in theory is throw in the code and it should work). I use a program called Ipodwizard(Google it) to change how my Ipod looks. you can add themes and change the pictures on it. anyway every time Apple releases a new firmware upgrade it makes the old themes obsolete. they change the picture names so old themes don't work, this program i am writing will r
  4. Didnt work is there any software i can use to get it back even if its partly missing its a 2GB file (free software).
  5. I deleted a truecrypt file that had a bunch of other files in it i need to get just one file back from it is it possible. the truecrypt file was 2 GB big but only had 500mb at most of stuff in it, i need to get another encrypted file out of that file that had my private info. how can i get this back preferably for free? / this was all stored on my IPOD as an external drive.java script:bbc_pop() Help BB Code Help
  6. ALright let me try. Basicly i want to go on my school computer and sstart up IE at my school. i want to then type in my PC's IP address put in a password and then have my PC forward all traffic to IE in school so there are no blocks. But when Im using my PC's internet connectio i dont want anyone using my PC to notice anything besides the router blinking faster than normal. Is that possible and for free? \no this is NOT so i can play games they block all image searches and half of the stuff that google,yahoo,whatever bring up for your search. i cant get any reasearch done at school
  7. I want to set my PC up so that i can connect through IE. i want to connect to my PC and have it forward all the info to the school computer in an encrypted signal. I dont want to use remote desktop. i dont want anyone using my PC to know that Im using its internet connection. Is this possible for free. i know this might be a little confusing if you want i can try to reword it.
  8. i am trying to make an equal sign but when i click it if i have say 9+1 it equals 2 or if i give it 7+0 it equals nothing. i have it coded to work with only the add button right now i dont want to go any father until this is fixed. Dim operand1 As Integer, operand2 As Integer Dim ans As Integer Private Sub CMDadd_Click() sign = "+" operand1 = Val(LBLans.Caption) LBLans.Caption = "" 'Clear for next number LBLsign.Caption = "+" End Sub Private Sub CMDans_Click() If LBLsign.Caption = "+" Then operand1 = Val(LBLans.Caption) operand2 = LBLans.Caption ans = operand1 + operand2 LBLan
  9. Those Intel drivers caused compatability issues between burners and Roxio. It's not the first time an Intel driver has caused problems. i updated it to the lastest version and it still isnt working im guessing its a hardware problem. is there anyting else i can try.
  10. my DVD/CD rom drive stopped working. i thought maybe it was dust on the laser so i tried one of this disks with the brushes on the bottom it didnt work. so now im going to try to update my drivers i went on everest and it said i have a NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A (DVD+R9:8x, DVD-R9:4x, DVD+RW:16x/8x, DVD-RW:16x/6x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:48x/32x/48x DVD+RW/DVD-RW) i went to there website and they said to uninstall some intel programs(Intel Ultra-ATA Storage Driver + Intel Application Accelerator ). i could not find them so i thought maybe thats why its not working i just spent 30 mins on there site trying
  11. That kinda worked now it says it cant register the file. how can i trick it in to not registering the file or make it think it did?
  12. I thought that the colorchange was telling VB what to do but it was just a name. i feel really stupid now. first i would like to say welcome the worlds newest script kiddie. 2nd i would like to say thank for your help in advance. 3rd i would like to say im not the worlds newest script kiddie anymore. anyway, i cant get this subroutine to run in VB 6. it gives me a compile error, i have 2 subroutines, one controls the backround color change the other controls the foreground color change. i think the problem is that there both called colorchange how do you fix this. This is the entire code that
  13. i put VB on my IPOD but whenever i double click the VB.exe file the splash screen comes up and then it says cannot find file DAO350.DLL i found that this is a file in the registry(i think) is there anyway to trick the program into running without the file or having it look on my IPOD for the file instead. i dont want to edit the registry to get VB to run. P.S. this is a legal copy of VB my dad bought it a while ago incase your wondering.
  14. i dont get it it worked great last night. the only thing that happened is the power went out for a brief second while i was playing COD UO and backing up a DVD to my hard drive. so i turned the PC on and started to play it agian everything was fine. but this morning when try to connected to a server that i always go on the game crashes to desktop with no error message. and i go to a server called extreme game arena and it has a thing in the corner that says overall axis killed and overall allies killed the overall score and other things and it just says unlocalized. reinstalling the game just