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    Macs, Macs, and more macs. If you are able to read the following, thanks for choosing a mac:

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  1. What podcasts( video or audio) do you listen to/watch? My podcast library: Video: Diggnation, Tekzilla, Pixel Perfect, The totallly rad show, command N, Macbreak, systm, Cranky geeks, Mahalo daily Audio: DSC, The apple phone show, Macbreak tech, The tech guy, Macbreak weekely, Munchcast, podnutz, Net@night, No agenda, OCF podcast, Security now, tech 5, TWIM, TWIP, TWIT
  2. I am sure all of us know what twitter is by now; one of the hottest web commodities. I think that sites like twitter, digg and ustream are the future. This concept of connectivity where ever one may decided to be . Constantly connected! It is extraordinary. What is your twitter account url? Mine: twitter.com/biosbooter
  3. I was surfing around the web, and found a rather interesting page showing GTA 4 gamefootage. The post is well written and explains how this happened. It is a rather elaborate process, but quite intersting. If you want to take a gander: http://tinyurl.com/34qlmj
  4. Well, where I live( NJ) we get a fair amount of snow. This year has been quite lame, but we did get a little bit. What does the weather condition in your area? Take a video, take a picture. Here are my conditions: My conditions
  5. I am a self- proclaimed aesthetics nut! My meticulous attitude on the way things look often drive people insane around me. Some would call it a gift, and others may beg to differ. In any case, I have been screwing around with a simple little graphics app called comic life. I have a macbook. The software came on it preinstalled( I think it came on tiger), but from my knowledge it is no longer bundle. Now, do not let the name mislead you. While it is great for making a " comic" it is great to use for puting thought bubbles and fun text into pictures. I actually created custom graphics for my web
  6. Howdy guys!( no I am not from the south) I was just curious about how youtube tags work. Do they effect the search results? Is it better to have more? Thanks!
  7. Well, my problem is not with imovie, but with idvd. When I attempt to burn it to a dvd my problems stary. It has nothing to do with the converting.
  8. hey guys, I need help. Here is the scenario; I happily just completed editing a film I was working on in imovie(08). As usual, I exported it to media browser. Now, this is a slow process,( running on a macbook) but that is not what bothers me. My problem comes from idvd. The film was about 10 mins. I proceeded to burn my idvd project that had a simple menu( nothing crazy) and boom it tells me it will take a whopping 22 hours. At firs I thought" oh, well usually the time aprox. is wrong for a few minutes until it gets situated. After an hour, I said forget it! This problem is reoc
  9. This post originally appeared on my blog( ®®Random ramblings) Enjoy! Ahhh… Tech tv. What happened to it? Well, it died a long time ago. Now, all us junkies have left is G4tv which is crap.( except x-play) Here is the question; What do us â€tech Junkies†do to get our vital technology news? RSS feeds? Engadget? Both are flawed. The problem is they are not fun. People do not smile at the site of an RSS aggregator, and Enagadget what a joke. Refreshing pages every 3 seconds is terrible!! Think of this; our blog here is f
  10. Thanks! I actually see it now. I guess in time it will be the number on search result.
  11. I just recently started a blog. My blog consists of multiple editors( 5) and it has some really great content on it. Here is my one pecadillo; it is not listed in google. The blog was made through wordpress dot com and is very simple. I do not own the domain, but still I need people to be able to get to it through google. According to wordpress, they will list it for you on the major search engines, but I am not listed. Can someone help me? My blog is at: http://pnewb.wordpress.com/
  12. We all know about the tyrannous ISP Comcast,( Comcrap) but I know tons of people who are fine with their ISP. So, what do you think of your ISP? In all aspects,( customer service, price, speed, packages E.T.C) how would you rate your ISP? I know that my ISP, Optimum online( owned by Cablevision) is quite good. In fact, I think one of the most up to date in the nation.
  13. I was just browsing( not fit enough to surf) around the web and I found an apple disclaimer which is quite unusual. The disclaimer is on the first few pages of the " macox sever manual" Here is a snippet : "The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Use of the “keyboard†Apple logo (Option-Shift-K) for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Apple may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition in violation of federal and state laws." I had always thought that option-shift-k was t
  14. I totally understand the money and time it takes to run this site. I truly did not mean to sound annoying. This may sound ludicrous,but I would prefer banner ads galore instead of bots swimming around in the posts.
  15. Lock your doors! Close all of the windows! The Google bots are taking over! Is it just me or have the google ad bots become a pesky little nuisance on the site? It seems that on all the posts the bots post stupid links to products. No offense to jeff, but it is ridiculous! I know jeff is trying to earn a little cash to support the site, but come on. There has to be a boundary between an ad and a disturbing nuisance. What do you guys think? Am I overly paranoid?