I'm Gonna Be A Daddy

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Hey all you fine people of besttechie,

I just thought I'd share my interesting news....I've actually known for a few days but didn't think it would be right to post it on the boards til I let my Mom know she was gonna be a Grandma....Just told her about it an hour ago...think she already feels older...lol

While it's unplanned and unexpected...it's far from unwanted.

This will be my first and since I'm on the verge of turning 36, the thoughts of having someone to pass my quirks on to has been a thought creeping out of the dark recesses of my twisted mind.

Voila!!!! slipped one past the goalie, through the five hole...hehe

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good one tic toc

ive done it 4 times

you will never regret it they are wonderful

little bundles

while we are posting here keep us in touch whith the progress the wonderful event

again congrats


i see chappy posted .before me

i remember when he had his first grand child we were all so excited.then we didnt hear from him for some time probably spoiling the we thing.

and i dont blame him

my god it is still exciting to hear of some one bringing anew life into the world



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Congratulations on the soon to be addition to the family!

My prayer is for a healthy baby and for Momma's health too. Well Daddy, I guess I had better add you in too, since you will be doing all the encouragement and runs to the store for your wife's special food cravings. That is once she is past the morning sicknesss routine. :rolleyes:

God bless everyone.

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