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ok, I finally found it! But I'd STILL like to get a new one made!

Hi Kat,

I saw that you were also talking about it in #besttechie and probably have one of the guys that do this stuff for a living makin' ya somethin cool but I threw a few pics I had into the GIMP and this is a quickie that I came up with for might not like it, so, I won't be offended if you don't use it. :D

Pagan Moon

*insert jaw dropping smilie here*

OMG! That is absolutely perfect and gorgeous!!!! If you don't mind, I'm going to use it! The only *change* I'd want, would be my text added to it in a neat font. Here's what I mean:

The Goddess is Alive.....(top of screen)

.....and Magick is Afoot!(bottom of screen)

That would ROCK if you could add that for me!! WOWEEE!! And one "volunteered" to make me one. LOL ;) I know, everyone is busy with Spyware and Hijacks. I have a long way to go to get back to being able to do those again. I am *so* far behind from being out sick the past two months.

Thanks again!!


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Hi Kat.

sorry I didn't respond fast enough, been busy since I moved back to Iowa, yes you heard right Iowa. But I will be glad to help you out on any other thing syou need help on.


PS do you want me to get your avatars for your signature again, I will if you want me too.

IOWA?? What the heck are you doing back there?? Ya need to pm me and fill me in I think...either thru here or via chat later. *or* you know my email addy, ya know.

And yeah..there's lots to fill you in on from here. I'm just getting back involved this past week, after another round of doctors. I'll explain more laters.

Thanks for the offer of help. I know you will if I need ya to! ;)

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OK, ya' go

Kinda wish I could do better but I'm my own worst critic and if I keep messin with it, I'll probably start changing it for the worst....I actually started from scratch and made the pentacle blend a little better with the water and at the proper perspective but was goin' nuts trying to get the font right...I'm not really crazy about how it turned out...hope you like it none the less ;)

Pagan Moon 2

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holy CRAP! How can you say that that isn't freaking perfect?? I absolutely love love LOVE it. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!! Ask Efwis...he knows me pretty well....ED: tell tictoc that that background is totally ME!

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wow Jas! She's a doll!!!! I just *love* babies! My nephew turned six months old yesterday, and he was sooo much fun with Santa last weekend! ;)

Nerelda, sweetie....LOVE the siggie! And to is all my fault! (isn't everything?)

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just a little tidbit i remembered. you should probably just ignor this post.

on every thing i've made. destops, computers, cars, what ever. i've always given it a nickname. to be honest i could never think of a name befiting this one. i've had it so long that i never bothered. i recently remembered that chinawht once called it blinky. so that's what i'm naming it. "chinawhts eye --- blinky"

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Kind of boring shot of my Fedora Core 3 Linux box. I'm not a graphics wiz like tictoc5150

heh, thanks hitest ;)

and you're right.... that is boring, how can you stand it?

since getting my new machine and new 1280x1024 lcd up and running, I've had to make new desktops that fit so they don't stretch out when applied...haven't really been all that inspired to do so...but this is what I'm currently using. (yeah, I know...doesn't this guy ever get tired of the nude artwork of Luis Royo?...NO!!! :D )

edit: came up with this last night...figure I'd just edit the post and kill the last screenshot


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