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  1. I have only posted on I am new to this whole forum thing I signed up here a few months back and was having trouble with my old set up when I was running windows 98 SE, and started going download crazy for my SIMS game (I was obsessed with it) and then my computer started going haywire........thus lead me to the whole spyware topic and Ive tried to do my best in learning how to avoid malware, spyware, trojans ect. When that happened I had my Hijack log checked and was offered alot of help. Unfortunately my power supply and mother board fried and I had to have the computer redon
  2. Recently I had a new hard drive installed to replace an old slower one. I used to run windows 98SE on it and had minimal error messages. With this new hard drive I have Windows ME. I have constant error messages and now the scan disk is finding errors in the file system. I run NoAdware (yes I know) it tells me I have something called bear share, and everytime it deletes it, it comes back again. Basically in a nut shell this computer is driving me nuts and I would love some help. This is my hijack log................Thank you very much! Jennie Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved
  3. Just had to say thanks for the laugh, I needed it LOL.
  4. ok! phew..........I thought for a minute I was loaded with stuff. LOL Thank you again for all of your help. Jennie
  5. Thank you for all of your help. I notice the lagging subsided some so that may have been my isp, but I still freeze when aol tries to detect my modem. I really dont use aol I pay for it for my daughter she seems to like it and its new user friendly. I also like the parental controls for her. I appreciate you taking time to look through my logs, hopefully some fiddling will help me work out some of the buggs, I would like to make a clean back up without all of the scum ware. Should I buy eScan's mwav application? What about the things that it found? I may just reformat and go back to usin
  6. I actually did read the article you gave me about NoAdware a while back. Unfortunately it was a program I wound up buying before I knew better. I still run it in the gauntlet of regular spyware scans. Thanks again, jennie eScan's results File System Found infected by "180Solutions Spyware/Adware" Virus. Action Taken: No Action Taken. File System Found infected by "VX2 Spyware/Adware" Virus. Action Taken: No Action Taken. File C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Application Data\AOL Downloads\setup90\comp01.000 tagged as not-a-virus:Tool.Win32.Reboot. No Action Taken. File C:\WINDOWS\wt\wtupdates\webd\
  7. I tinkered a little too much three days ago and created havock on my computer. So I overwrote the image of the drive from a ghost file not realizing it was a back up full of spyware and crap. Ive run NoAdware, AdAware SE, & Spysweeper. I have spywareguard, and spyware blaster running in the backround. I ran all of the scans in safe mode , including my antivirus fully updated. My computer is still lagging and freezing. I am also having problems with shut down. When my aol tries to recognize my modems it freezes. Thanks in advance, Jennie Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved