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wOOt wOOt

Ok.... :lol: ...this is small potatoes to you guys... :lol::lol: ..."but I did it".

I got me a planet...or moon.. :huh: ...or something.. :unsure: to try to get stars in the background... :blush:

(***me should be making notes rather than clicking on buttons I have no idea what they do... :wacko: )

But I'm having a great time.....comp11.gif

Glowing Moon

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(meant as joke)

it's like eating crayons in preschool all over again :wub:

Heh, I never did that--my very clever mom told me it would stain my teeth the color of the crayon (and I wonder where I get that vain streak about my teeth from?) I DID stick my little paintbrushes in my mouth to make a good point at the end, though. When I read that many of the Masters' mental problems were due to lead poisoning from doing that same thing, I.....OK, I still do that....but it makes a perfectly pointed brush.....guess that explains a lot about me :blink:

And as far as "playing around", the best artwork often results from that!! Had many a teacher tell me, "that shouldn't work---but it did---nice job"


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Well thanks handplane and arachnid40..... :D glad you guys like them.

Those are cool wallpapers arachnid40....looks like they were painted. Thats so neat.... :thumbsup:

I took a pic./image from the net. on these next two...and then added to them.

This is a pyramid but on another world... :lol:


And this one....well I was having a little fun with... :lol:

Think these ski bums will notice anything different? :lol:


Thanks so much guys for sharing your work on this whole thread and inspiring me to

try also. You've all been very kind and patient.

I'm having a blast at this.... :lol:

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Does it count as graphic design if I choose a black/black/black/black design? :unsure:


I imagine you are all scratching your heads wondering, "How on earth can this guy even function?!?" :lol:

I use the Start menu for everything, the programs I access frequently are in the Start button menu, others only one or at the very most two submenus from there. This doesn't even qualify me for "minimalist!" (Forgot to mention: I did have those two icons modified but lost it all in a recent SNAFU and haven't restored them yet.)

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Yes I know it's very large.... I am not very clean with my desktop, but then again I do use most all of these apps at least once a week and I hate going to Start > Program Files > etc.

Got the pic from It's Washu from Tenchi Muyo. I also have Active Desktop Calendar on there which since I never keep track of what day it is has been really useful.

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