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    New Newegg.

    I'd have to say NO! For a good reason of course. With my older monitor (HP Pavilion mx50), the orange colors are very harsh on the eyes. I won't be able to shop there from home. Well, not til I can get a new monitor anyway.
  2. Yes, the Mozilla developers are aware of these, and have been working on a "fix". These new ones that you are seeing are actually called "popunders" and (IMO) are more of a PITA than anything else.
  3. I also use DiskCleaner. I absolutely love it! It's done such a fantastic job cleaning up the computer.
  4. True, but as with any other merge, I am a bit nervous about what their plans might be for the software.
  5. SAN JOSE, Calif. - Adobe Systems Inc., one of the world's largest providers of document-design software, will acquire Macromedia Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion, the companies announced Monday. Adobe's software includes the popular Acrobat and Photoshop program. San Francisco-based Macromedia makes the Dreamweaver and Flash web-design software. Combining the two businesses, the companies said, will allow them to create more powerful software programs that can be used across multiple operating systems, which should pave the way for expansion into new mark
  6. hehehe that's one of my favorite links Keith!
  7. yeah, I am....but I still try and stop in when I get a minute or so.
  8. definately. I can count a few of those days myself.
  9. seeing as firefox takes up over half the space on your flash drive, I don't think you'll be able to put another important program on it as you are hoping to. Save up what you can, and try to get a larger capacity flash drive. I know for sure you could never fit trillian on that thing. I finally put trillian on mine, and it took up about 25MB (possibly more).
  10. Another pleasant name to be seeing around here. Hiya KeithLDick! Good to see you again!
  11. May I suggest going with Portable Firefox on your thumb drive? After you unzip it and put it onto your drive, it'll only take up about 8.6 MB
  12. Thanks! I'm glad you guys like it! It's actually from my newest favorite Anime called Witch Hunter Robin.
  13. Nerelda


    KABOOOM! Hey look! we're insanely famous now! no....wait....that was just mom cooking dinner... :/
  14. I can never remember too much unless I write it down, but for some reason, I can create an image in my head for what I want on a website, and go from there. I've never written down stuff for a site I've done. If I were to be designing for a customer though, I would take the time to write everything down for records sake.
  15. "Attack of the Show" ??? WTF are they thinking?! Oh that's right! They can't cause they don't have brains!
  16. Happy Birthday Crow! (how 'bout a few body shots later to celebrate? )