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  1. sceeter33


    Hi sidekickcat those dam mice are a pain eh and hope your winning the war lol Ya if those suckers don't pay rent kick em out with that big bad boot lol! Hope the weather gets better there soon. Sceeter33
  2. sceeter33


    Hi team I was just wonder as when you look at the dates of the posts it seems that this forum is dead lol! But good to see that there someone or all is still alive lol Well live long anf prosper Sceeter33
  3. sceeter33


    Hey everyone Just have to ask think question lol Is everyone still alive? Have a great one
  4. is there someone thats really good at building websites here that could give me some tips or some help making my own website? Thanks for the help in advance Sceeter33
  5. Hello All ! Don't know if this is the right place for this but i'll give it a try. Wanna make my own website and need a program to create it, does anyone know of a free program thats great for doing this? Thanks for the help all Sceeter33
  6. sceeter33


    Ya G4 is cool but ya there's alot of war disscusion there like blim said and sometimes nobody give you much help ether cause they just don't wanna help. The really only people that are really helpful are TymeKyller and il_wiccan and a few such other that really put the time into helping others out. Well thanks all again and have a great evening Sceeter33
  7. sceeter33


    Thanks all for the welcoming! I'm usually hang out in the g4 forums and thought I would come here. I heard this was a real freindly place to come and get support for computers. Sceeter32
  8. sceeter33


    Hello All! I'm new here so I just would like to interduce my self. I heard great thing about this forum, so I thought I would come here Well have a great day all Sceeter33