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    It rained here in my neck of Texas. Looking at the weather report, doesn't seem to be any prediction of rain. *pfffft* Rain keeps the ungodly heat away just a little bit longer.
  2. Drinking tea in muffinland, orange herbal to be precise. Looking at version control systems, and assorted code bits. Preparing for bed. Thinkin' about layin' off the coffee until I figure out the source of my headaches. Oh noes, but I love caffeine. :/
  3. *hides* For what it's worth, I merely replied because I saw some misinformation being spouted, and it tickled my reply finger all too much! I swear!
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    About U?

    Heh. I use the term 'advertising bunny' as a euphemism for ' clueless industry girl that is blessed by two wonderful, wise, creative directors'. Not naming my employer of course, that's my dirty little secret ;P Chicago's gotten pretty crazy these days. Too expensive for my blood. (I'm actually from Aurora, truth be told, but I love going down town for a pizza pocket. grease sensation!) Texas is so-so, I can't take some the attitudes here, but I'll manage. Thanks for the welcome.
  5. How do you plan your sites? Does the idea just strike you, and you go straight to your editor? Or do you break out the notebook paper and begin writing down how things should look, what needs to be done? I tend to plan first on paper, then execute with code. I have several templates - two column, three column, header, footer, etc. I know I'm going to be styling with CSS, so having the underlying HTML the way I want it is important to me. Any preference of standard, while we're at it? I used to do HTML 4.01 Transitional, but lately I've been in an XHTML 1.0 Strict kind of mood. I read how to m
  6. Going to be updating this thread as I find more information. Google is your friend - turn anger into empowerment. Conferred with my buddy again (who is a wonderful source of Linux information, I make sure to take notes from him). We confirmed that the Al Green cd is copy-protected by Cactus Data Shield 200. Another CD protected by CDS-200 So I'm thinking this isn't a mere software issue, it's a hardware one. I don't think my cd drive can truly *read* it. When my sister-in-law returns, I'll ask for the cd again to test this theory *myself* on the other Windows machines, and then this one agai
  7. Did I miss something about that? Matt I've heard two different veins on the subject. I've heard some of the copy protection schemes allow for a certain number of copies, however, this only works on Windows (I may have to dig through my bookmarks for the link, though). That was the vein I was working off of. As far as I can tell, it could be a software issue - I can't see the drive, therefore I can't rip cds. Well - I posted my thoughts to a friend, and he suggested using cdparanoia directly. Once I get ownership of that CD once more, I'll be able to test the cdparanoia theory. Meh.
  8. According to my brother, he tried putting it into his laptop, and it didn't end well. I don't know what that means. *I'm* not going to worry too much over this individual incident, but it does make me wonder - if I make my computers live in a Linux world, how will I know what CDs are safe? Though, I took another stack of cds...I *may* be having a CD-DRIVE issue. Pardon my thread, if so.
  9. DRM ploy, I'd think. Not quite sure. I burned a new Usher cd a while back for my sister-in-law, and it worked fine. Bought it from the same store, even. Brand new. Could be an OS issue, but I seriously doubt it. Also, do they even make the copy protection work in other platforms other than Mac/Win? I'm not certain either way, but I *am* very upset that something that I paid *good* money for won't work properly. Back to buying things online, it seems.
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    About U?

    Me, Me, Me... - 25 - Open Source software advocate (*cough* junkie) - advertising bunny by day-job - freelance writer when I feel like it - freelance computer work when I can get it - encryption junkie - super-volunteer (somewhere around 250 hours a month) - student (headed to Angelo State U in the fall, CS major) - activist, education reform and equal rights - likes country, soul, oldies, rock, jazz, blues, lounge - into jazz dance and ballet - speaks German as a second language - date-curious, not looking to get hitched anytime soon - takes care of her mother - lives on a military base (For
  11. I went to the store to buy a CD for my brother. He's a total Al Green fanatic, and so when I brought him the CD, he was overjoyed. He wanted a copy for his car, so I said it could be done. After all, I had Grip, right? Oops. I put the CD into the drive, and it screamed 'Unable to Read Disc'. Not cool. I thought something was wrong with my cd-rom drive! No, it was the CD. I tested other original cds, and found them working - my Diana Krall CD played quite well. I know the Powers that Be wish to control the rampant piracy on the net, but let's not forget that not everyone runs Windows or the M
  12. Indeed, and even then, there's car owners that complain when the mechanic has something to fix. "It's so expensive." A lot of car ownership also has to do with reading the lovely owner's manual and noting events. I do see your point - we have a capped limit of what can be handled by the owner, and what must be handled by an expert. Thank you, jcl. Trying to reply to everything at once. I agree with the idea that Linux is about making mistakes and learning from them. I also agree with the idea that computer users shouldn't have to deal with the spyware and viruses and what have you, but the
  13. I really like using Thunderbird. My only nitpick is that I can't select a certain piece of text in a message, and reply only to that. It's a slightly pain, but the overall excellence of Thunderbird totally outweighs this very minor nitpick. All in all, I'm really happy. I even get to feed my Usenet addiction and check my mail at the same time. Excellent.
  14. Plastic. Paper bags aren't easy for me to carry, and break on me. Politically affiliated, or couldn't care less?