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  1. Hi all. Have a Gateway SX2110G-UW308 pc that even though it was hooked to a APC surge protector, after a thunderstorm has no video output to the monitor. Monitor still works on other pc,s, sent the pc back to gateway and after less than stellar help from them, (told me they would not honor warranty, case had been opened with was false) I am stuck. Is this computer a candidate for an ad on video card, is there some checks I can do? The led on the front flashes, you can hear the HD spinning, just no video. Or is this just a peice of scrap? Thanks, Jim.
  2. Just to update, the laptop stays on all the time, just set it up hibernate after 30 minutes and it works great. Did buy a last years model desktop, Gateway, AMD E1-1200 processor, AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics to use for the tv, but it SUCKED. Video was jumpy, and seemed like the picture was split second behind the sound all the time, so went back to the laptop. Guess I will just use the desktop for my files, all my service manuals, etc since it has a huge HD. Live and learn. Jim.
  3. Finally got around to the laptop, ALT+F10 would not work, just would reboot to the start, but under the control panel is Recovery, Advanced options, and was able to use the recovery partition to put it back to out of the box like new condition, and it works great. Thanks for the help. Jim.
  4. Thanks, I really have nothing on this to save, so I think I will just use the recovery and set it back to factory specs. Wont try it tonight but will let you know how it goes, thanks, Jim
  5. Got this laptop, Acer Aspire, trying to clean it up, former owner never deleted anything. Here are my ADWcleaner and jrt logs: # AdwCleaner v2.303 - Logfile created 06/18/2013 at 18:57:47 # Updated 08/06/2013 by Xplode # Operating system : Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bits) # User : Kristy Thorne - KRISTYTHORNE-PC # Boot Mode : Normal # Running from : C:\Users\Kristy Thorne\Desktop\adwcleaner.exe # Option [search] ***** [services] ***** Found : CltMngSvc Found : SProtection ***** [Files / Folders] ***** File Found : \END File Found : C:\END File Found : C:\Users\Kristy Thorne\AppData
  6. Thanks for all your comments and help. I think maybe I was over thinking the whole thing. Way too easy to read too much and think you need what all the magazine writers talk about. I decided to just hookup my laptop, went out and bought a hdmi cable, had to download an update so the port would work and the grandson is watching a movie now. Need to figure out how to set the laptop so the other kids sticky fingers will stay away, but I think I will just work with this and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  7. Not really any preference, I read these reviews, this brand bad, this brand good, Ive had HP, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, All seem pretty much the same parts to me. I dont want to spend a bundle, 5-700, maybe. No gaming, no photo editing. Had a Gateway that came with ME, wore that out, using and older Dell with xp now, slooooooow. Going to switch using an HP laptop win win7 for bills, etc. Thought about building one, have tinkered with old ones, added ram, switched HDs, took a few old ones and mad a couple that worked. But we want to use this mainly for tv and web. Yeah, Im cheap. If it cost mor
  8. Looking to drop cable, old desktop is just that, oooold, and slow. Looking to buy a new one just for using for internet surfing, hook up to tv (vizio flatscreen). Do not do any picture editing, stuff like that, but researching puts my head spinning. Any recommendations? I know thats a very open question, but when it comes to shopping, I get to the part of video cards, sound cards, etc and I have enough on my plate nowadays. Hulu, netflix etc would be used with it. Thanks, Jim.
  9. Have my daughters Toshiba Satellite M50 A55-S106, the dc connector/plug on the end of the cord that connects to the laptop is bad. Cable and the rest of the assembly test good, just a bad end. Ends/plugs are cheap and fairly easy to order from online electronics stores, but how do you measure it? Plugs I find usually have a measurement like 2.5mm x 5mm. Is the inside of the plug (positive) the smaller measurement and the outside the larger (measured with calipers) ? Noob question, but want to get the right one. Bought a new power cord, but would like to fix the original and keep it for a spare
  10. Well, from googling the subject, I think alot of people are having the problem, firefox made a problem where one didnt exist. I guess I have lost my bookmarks. I cant seem to find a way to convert the json file to html either.
  11. Ok, got it working, took out the cmos battery for a couple days, took out the HD, left it unplugged, got busy on another project, put the HD in another computer and run Dban to wipe it. Installed windows and all I need now is an ethernet card and it will be working again. Put a new HD in this computer, reinstalled XP, but my bookmark backups for firefox wont load. They are in a Json file, and I backed them up on a floppy, but going to bookmarks, organize bookmarks, import and backup, restore, then choosing the file, nothing happens. And I cant find a way to convert them to HTML to try that. Gu
  12. Ok, got a big problem. Got this older computer, Phillips PC Plus, I do know it has a 4.5 hd and 256 stick of ram, had ME on it. When I get it home, plug it in and power up, only thing on screen is me startup menu. If I choose safe mode, or any mode for that matter, I get the following: The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32.VXD Type the name of the Windows loadr (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32.VXD) C>. I would liked to have run D ban and wiped the hd and installed kubuntu, or similiar, but I ca
  13. Tried all that, even uninstalled the adapter, even physically uninstalled the thing, took it out, then reinstalled, rebooted more times than I care to count, hunted for updated drivers on linksys website, of which there are none mentioned for sp3 not even in their forums. I finally uninstalled sp3 and its working again. Oh well.
  14. XP Pro on a IBM Thinkcentre up in my shop with a Linksys wireless-G adapter #wmp54G, after installing sp3, now it shows its hunting for a signal, low signal. Looked on Linksys site for updated drivers, I couldnt find any, any ideas short of uninstalling sp3? Not that thrilled with it anyway, followed the pinned guide to installing it, and so far on 2 computers it seems to have done nothing but slowed things down on one, firefox freezing, generally slow for everything else, the other one, cant tell much difference exept for the no connection problem. I might add, that now opening my computer ta
  15. You guys have been a big help in the past, just a quick thanks. Ok, now, same old computer, Gateway Select 1200, 1.2 20gig hd XP home, posted awhile back that of the 2 disc drives, E and D, (E being a CD re-writable, the "slave", D being a CD-DVD rom) that on boot up the E drives little led light would constantly flash and neither drive would show up in my Computer. Sometimes a single reboot would bring them back around, work perfectly, then it got to be no amount of booting would kick them back on. Changed the memory battery, no help, finally unplugged the E cd drive and D would now show up