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  1. Have you tried using XMAPP? Googe it, its pretty straight forward.
  2. I just bought a KVM switch from ebay for around 8 bucks total including shipping.
  3. I think I get it. Use this: This will make the background image transparent. Define the cell class as property. I'm not 100% sure it wil work though, didnt test it.
  4. If your starting now, go with CSS. I used tables with all my sites, and am just now starting to see the advantages of CSS.
  5. I do have the regular inputs (the color ones), case is really bad and the front part don't have the holes for me to see the inputs, so USB was a must. Also, CS 1.6 doesn't have that optio.
  6. So, you want a background and over the background you want the text?
  7. Just curious, are you doing this with .htaccess/modrewrite or the IPB Mod?
  8. Hi guys, heres the problem. I recently bought a headset (USB) to play my online games (cs..etc..) Now, the issue is, everytime I want to get the mic/sound to come from the headset, I have to go in: Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > Audio/Voice and pick my headset for the default device. When I'm done with gaming and want to just chill to some music, I have to go back to the Control Panel and choose my sound card as the default. Now, the only problem is that it gets very annoying after a while. I was wondering if theres a shortcut that will automatically switch the sound devices
  9. For my screensaver, I made a slideshow of pics of my family. Its easy to do and in the screensaver options u can do it
  10. Sorry for the off topicness, but your going to GA Tech? Awsome man. Where you from? I'd be really happy if I find fellow Georgian that hates UGA and loves GT
  11. Ya? I messed with Putty couple of times, with my webhost (had to upload this large zip and extract). Anyways, since I only have one monitor, looks like I will be going with your approach. I really hope I can understand linux this time. So, basically this is my plan. -Install Kubuntu -Install HLDS for CS 1.6 server -Get this putty/ssh thing worked out. Is there any tutorials for putty and ssh? I messed with only couple of times, and I'm guessing I need to install OpenSSH on the kubuntu machine.
  12. Honda, ew soruce? ew... CS 1.6 all day baby hitest, I was wondering if Kubuntu can run like a server (CS 1.6) fine? Or am I better off with something like SuSe or something.
  13. Hmm, recently, I fixed one of my old PC's and I just ordered a router from ebay (should arrive soon). Now I'm stuck with what I should do with it. I really want to get used to linux, so I prolly will be installing Linux as my main OS. (I want to try out Kubuntu). Then maybe I can run a counterstrike server? A small 10 slot public, shouldnt be that laggy. Along with maybe Teamspeak/Ventrillo. I dont need a webserver, since I do have a webhost and I have apache/mysql/php installed on my main machine for testing. and, I have a dedicated server with unmetered bandwith, so I dont need no file host
  14. No, dont go with them. Buy your domain at or If you want good support and good quality hosting, go with
  15. I'm pretty good with HTML/CSS and decent with PHP/SQL. Here, check out my portfolio at PM if you need anything else.
  16. Hey guys, I plan to purchase this Widescreen 19inch LCD But before I do have couple of questions. a) I got no idea if my video card supports widescreen (its a PCI Geforce 5200) supports widescreen. I looked at the website but couldnt find any info on it. Would games such as Age Of Empires II and CS 1.6 work with widescreen? thanks
  17. Hey guys, I'm making this patch for this game server. Basically, what it does is, if you start it it will give you two choices Now, I was wondering what operating system supports batch files? (.bat I guess). I know XP Home does, but what about the eariler ones? Mainly, 98, ME,2000 and the new vista. Thanks, btw if anyone wants to make the batch file for me it will be great (I know only basic things about it) Basically, I want it do this: If they click Server One, then starts upIf they click Server Two, then starts upThanks guys Btw, server1 and server.2 will be in the same folder as the
  18. I like firefox more because of the extensions it has. I'm pretty sure theres an extension for every Opera feature. Besides, Opera reminds of Mac's too much. I don't know why. Also, uTorrent is an amazing client, and I want my torrent client to be separte from Browser.
  19. *cough*cracks*cough* Pretty sick today....
  20. Ya, thanks for the help guys. My friend removed it and its on the new motherboard now
  21. I see, ya its a 478 CPU. I'm going to my friends house later today, and we'll try to remove it there.
  22. Ok, this is annoying me. I never worked with old CPU/Motheroard. I installed/removed my AMD 3000+ fine on my other computer But, now when I try to remove this Celeron 2.6, I got no idea where to start. Do I just pull it out? Is there a lever or something?
  23. Yupp, version 5 is out. Kinda went a little professional, I guess. version5 Check it out, and C & C please. Also, heres the old designs.