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  1. Wow, thanks for the all the replies. My prefers to go with the big companies (he has no faith in smaller companies). So far, I got quotes from progessive & state farm. We used to have state farm, and switched to allstate, and it looks like we will prolly switch back to state farm. I'm also going to get quotes from Geico & liberty...but oddly, both their sites are down for maintenance /=
  2. Hey guys, I have a simple question, and this is the only place I know, that I can get legit and truthful answers. My family have been using Allstate for our Auto/House Insurance for a while, and now we're thinking their just ripping us off (too lazy to post details ) ...So my dad decided to it's time for a change and asked me to look around and find a good company with fair rates. So, I was wondering, whose your auto & home insurance? What do you guys suggest? So far, the only big players I know of are Progessive & State Farm. My dad and I will take a trip to the State Farm place Mon
  3. Hey guys, I need to build a fileserver real quick. Now, I got the option of getting either a Celeron D 2.5ghz or a P4 1.8ghz. I been outta of the computer world for a while, so which of these CPU's would be better for my needs? Like I said, I would use the computer for File Storage / Media Streaming.
  4. Woops, forgot to post back. Anywho...right now I'm using FastStone Image Viewer to organize my pics. Works well and its free.
  5. Hey guys, I use MediaMonkey to organize my music, and now I'm wondering whats a good photo organizer? free or paid. I need something that can do a mass rename using the photo info captured by the camera and then put them in specific folders.
  6. So..I'm making a Partition just for most of my data files. Like my music, and movies, and Programs, etc... NO OS will be installed on this partition. So...which file system should I choose when making this partition? NTFS? Fat32? ReiserFS? Don't know much about it...but heard the guy that found it is in jail. Ouch... Right now, I'm dual booting with vista 32bit & vista 64bit (don't ask....just blame it on drivers). I plan to use Linux in the future and I want too access my music and videos from the partition on the linux OS?
  7. dude, your scaring me. it was $1180. wow lol
  8. Ha, haven't posted here in a while. but, life's been busy the past couple of months. Anywho, I just ordered my laptop. Check out the specs and tell me how much yall think I piad for it.
  9. Anyways, heres an Update. I Installed XP Pro, and Pretty much made it very Vistaish. Here's a screenshot of it.;#entry107324 I tried and tried to Use vista as my Main OS, but It just didn't work out. I tweaked it like crazy. Tried lots of different drivers. Etc..Etc... Just didn't work out.
  10. I went back to Windows XP. I installed XP Pro, and made it look like Vista.
  11. Am I ever going to get back the constant, stable 99FPS I had with Counter Strike 1.6 When I was with Windows XP? Currently, I use Vista, and it's annoying to have basically 10 to 50 FPS (playing in Window mode), and overall shakey performance. And this is with nothing else running. Hell trying to play CS 1.6 with Winamp gives me around 15 fps. Serioulsy, what in the world is going? I expected a peroformance loss, but damn, this is too much of a loss. I been using Vista ever since it came out. I reformatted/reinstalled multiple times..but still, the same problem exists. So, I need to know, wha
  12. Is there any way I can delete all picture files using a batch script. music folder has a lot of stupid images in it (including the sub folders)... so I want to just delete all those usesless images.
  13. ah, my sister took the laptop back to florida now lol. thanks anyways. you can lock it now.
  14. Whose your ISP? Some ISP's block port 80 to prevent the setup of webservers (easy get around). If the SMTP port (25) is blocked, then you can use another port, cant' ya?
  15. So my sister is home for the thanksgiving holidays, and her computer....has junk installed (AOL for example). Anyways, I can take care of these things, but Just want to make sure there are no other bad things installed.
  16. It should. I'm now a SEO Expert, but has a higher PR than your site, so therefore it will only benefit your site. Also, MAKE sure that the keywords you want people to search and find you are in your Site somewhere. Preferably on the main page.
  17. If you want to be placed high on certain ranking, then your Page Rank must be high too. No one knows how to get a higher Page rank, but it does involve a lot of backlinks and overall popularity of your site.
  18. Martint

    Car Help!

    thanks guys. One of my friends helped me fix it. It was a bad fuse in the fuse box under the head. bought a new one and all is well.
  19. Ah, thanks man. woohoo 2 gigs free now!
  20. happy bday. great place here if I need help with anything.
  21. Martint

    Car Help!

    LOL!!! Hehe, oops. Oh well, start checking the fuses your self then. Its something you need to know how to do. It's not unheard of to b low a fuse while goin done the road. Blow a headlight fuse at midnight in the middle of no where... then what? 911? haha j/p. ya, time to read the manual!
  22. Open the m3u file with Notepad. and double check the mp3's are in the correct place.
  23. Does anyone know what hiberfil.sys file is suppose to do? I googled it, but I think it gave me some german language forum or something. It's 2 gigs! I'm using windows XP home sp2 btw.
  24. Martint

    Car Help!

    So,I went to advanced auto parts today. And asked for a free fuse check. the lady told me, she don't even know what that is and they don't even offer the service.