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  1. Fatso913


    I have seen it before its like a music type of DA but i dont use it myself.
  2. Hello, Welcome to BestTechie! I have seen this problem before ONCE. I would approach this with the following solution: Win XP and Win 2000 have a default setting to restart at just about any error. It makes things difficult to analyze when it blows through and restarts the computer. Settings / Control Panel / System / Advanced / Startup and Recovery / Settings. Make sure the box is UNCHECKED where it says "Automatically Restart" under System Failure."
  3. Yes i think that is possible if you setup a line for the dsl service a new line will have to be set up.
  4. yes, i agree milage is a little high but hey! its your choice ;-)
  5. i am looking for somebody to help me design www.mikedontcare.com
  6. Verry nice my website needs major work if you ever havce any spare time hit me up with some pointer
  7. Acuras are nice cars also BTW
  8. Sorry About Your Car man, really glad you are ok though Keep us updated on the new car