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  1. that is not what I am looking for. I would think there has to be something out there some place to get this.
  2. OK but I did get it to work after I did this, but it was a lot of setup in there. I mean the help was not very good. Maybe you could help me with it.
  3. Well RMAing it is possible but it would cost me more to RMA it then it would for me to just buy a new router.
  4. OK so what else do I need to shut off from the above list?
  5. No it installed correctly. Here is your problem, you need to one edit your httpd.conf file. Also, there are a few other icons, can not remember what they are now that you can use to test the server. Try and see if that works. If not try the PC's IP address. I know I had to edit the HOSTS file in Windows to get things to run here. I know what you are seeing is right to a point.
  6. OK here let me try and map this out for you so you can understand me. As you can see when you go to the page, you can see that there is a main background. Then you can see the cells that have gray backgrounds. Then you can see the sells that have a black background in the middle and between the gray cells. I want to make the black cells transparent so you can see the gradient background stand out if we can do that. I do not want to see the black cells. I want to see the main background through those.
  7. OK I have an image I would like to use for a background for my page. I want it to show through some of the tables. I have a site setup here. I want the background there to show through where the middle table and where the little black spacer table cells are so it looks nice. is there a way to do it?
  8. If I could get anything running I would check these things but I am not getting anywhere.
  9. OK the PS is not bad as I have tried it with other PCs here and it all still works fine here. So then I ran memtester on it and everything was and still is fine. Heat issues could not be since it is just starting up so I doubt it could get that hot that fast. Well I am just going to junk the PC since I was going to use it for another server here but oh well. If anyone has an old mobo and CPU that they do not need that take 168 Pin DIMMS PC100 or PC133 let me know.
  10. OK here is what has happened. I ran mem test and after 4 tests memory is fine and dandy. I ran Maxtors drive untilities and all is well with the drive. I tested the PS and it tests fine too. So the last thing is the Mobo or CPU. This is an old AMD 333 Mhz CPU board. If it does not work oh well. BTW, I tried a different CD-ROM, no dice. I changed the cables around, no dice.
  11. OK I have a PC here that used to be an old HP 6450 or something like that. I took it out of the case it was in and put it into a new case. I then put a new HD into the PC and started it up to install linux. Now when it gets through the BIOS Post, it get to the linux start up screen. Then I hit enter to start setup and it starts briefly and then reboots. It does it every time. Windows is the same exact way. I thought it might be the CD-Rom so I changed it with a newer one I have here and same results. I then tried a different HD, same results. What is the freaking deal? Some people have suggest
  12. OK keep up the good work. See where you can get.