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  1. Although CSS is the standard today, I still belive tables are perfectly fine. That said, I like your first design much better. Second one, is kinda too image heavy I suppose. Er, Not sure, I just like the first one.
  2. @blim I get the same thing too.
  3. I have Comcast (cable) for my internet.
  4. Ok, thanks for answers man. I have one more question. My family uses Vonage. ( Thier voice terminal acts as a router too. But, It can only connect to one other device (current PC). Anyways, here's my plan Cable Modem ----- Vonage Router ----------- Linkey's Router. -----------------PC One ------PC Two. Or, yall think is it better with: Cable Modem ----- Linkey's Router. ----------- Vonage Router ----- PC One ------PC Two (I need the vonage router/voice terminal to use my phone lol)
  5. Ya, thats also the one that my friend suggested. But when I started reading the user reviews on newegg, it didnt sound good.
  6. Hey guys Ok, well I'm going to fix up my old computer (get new mobo and stuff). So, when I get that done. I'm going to have two computers. And I want internet for both, so I'll need a router, but I am kinda lost with this. I need a router with both wireless and wired connection. I need at least 2 wired connection and like the rest wireless I guess. I am not an expert at this filed, so can Anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe a D-Link or a Linkies? and My price limit would be around $0 to $75, but I would like something under $50.
  7. If you want to pay, I suggest Kasperasky or Panda If you want free, I suggest Avast.
  8. hey guys, I have a small question. My old computer had a celereon 2.6 ghz socket 478. but the mobo for that messed up. So, I ran into a bit of cash, and planning to buy a new mobo. (ebay) I was wondering, can a mobo that supports the p4 socket 478 support the celeron 478? or is it different?
  9. I thought .msi is a windows installer? Then, shouldnt this belong in PC Support section?
  10. You have to set the jumpers too. In your hardrive it will tell you where you should place the jumpers for the master and slave drive.
  11. Just host it on your computer. If you have a decent connection and don't run too much background programs while scrimming, you'll have a decent server to scrim on. Of course you'll have lag spikes and register wont be that great, but hey its free and easy to setup.
  12. I think I did it.. the quality doesnt look that bad
  13. Well, me and a friend (both of us being bored), decided who could make a good budget pc in a set amount of time online. So, if you have time, look at our computers and tell us which is better. Here's the info. budget is $600 USD. This includes CPU Case Motherboard RAM DVD/CD Drives Hardrive Case Power Supply Keyboard/Mouse Video Card *note, power supply may come with the case*. Computer 1: Computer 2:
  14. I second that! The "just kidding" included. If you to pay, then hmm, Wal Mart, Always Low Prices
  15. Where you download it from? You know there's a way to get limewire pro download straight from their website for free.
  16. hmm, how about buy one with like x day money back or something. so if it doesnt work, return it
  17. My friend who has has a XFX 6600 AGP, downloaded the new drivers and try to play CS 1.6, but he said the graphics was effed up. I have a 5200 PCI card, and CS works fine for me, except now I lag every bad on AOE2. Hmm, Do you know where I can get some old drivers? The Drivers in my CD are WAYYYYYYYYY to old lol.
  18. Here, they charge $50 to just look at your system Never going there again....but would like to work there
  19. I belive you can own start up your own e-commerece store with it. But, I dont know if you can list your own items...
  20. IMO means In my opinion And with cPanel + Agora shopping cart you just click and install. But, you know there are always other scripts out there. Research. I belive, you can setup your own shop, heard it was pretty easy too...
  21. IMO, if your host offers eCommerce scripts like Agora Shopping card or something of the like, your fine.
  22. A lot of websites;genre=websites I got 2 more to do, by tmrw, lmao. Other than that, I'm working to convert a blog script that I found and using from flatfile to SQL.