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  1. Hmm, I got about 40 or 50 more years til I can retire /=
  2. Great idea besttechie. I too, used adsense on my personal site. If it's a niche in the online world, then you can expect a lot of $.
  3. - AsRock 939 DualSATA2 Motherboard --comes with Original Box, with Manual, Driver CD and 2 ribbon cables Bought it 2 years ago, and about this time last year, it suddenly stopped working. Every time I boot with this motherboard, it freezes on startup and I can't do anything. I eventually gave up and bought another AsRock939 DualSata2 mobo, and am still using it to this day. Maybe someone smarter can fix it? Price: $40 Shipped Another look at the mobo. - Biostar P4M80-M4 Motherboard (socket 478) --comes with Oringal Box, CD, and Manual It belonged to my sister, and one day, it randomly stopp
  4. LinuxBios Anyone heard of it? It says, fast boot time (3 seconds). Hmm? Could work with vista? thanks
  5. I have comcast in Atlanta, Georgia and here are my speeds. they advertise 8 megs down and 768 kb upload
  6. A lot of people that say "vista sucks" or something similar prolly never used it. I'm using Vista now on a Amd 3000+ machine, with 1GB of ram with a GeForce 7600GT Video card with Aero on. And I must is quite sexy. It's not that much different from XP and I honestly think that it's much easier to work with. If you don't like all the "pretty stuff" that comes with vista, you can always enable the windows classic theme.
  7. A dedicated box just for a home based internet??
  8. ha, thats crazy but can be true.
  9. 1) ask the site owners to use % instead of px in your html 2) get a monitor with a wider resolution /=
  10. You wont need it if you have a hardware firewall, right?
  11. I can somwhat relate to you oldies (jp) When I was living in India, no runing watter, dad killed my chickens for big dinners!, no tp...ya..thats right. No cable nor interent, just the simple life. Then when I moved to America when i was 6, it all changed. now at 16, I have internet, TOILET PAPER!, running watter, hot water..etc. but then again...It's not a simple life.
  12. Arite guys, I purchased a amd socket a system, from a local person. Works great. if your curious. I got an, amd socket a, 2400+ Barton, and some mobo with Savage intergrated graphics, and a RAID Card for $70.
  13. I ran the HD Tach thing. For my 2MB/5200rpm drive, I got 77 MB/s for the 8MB/7200rpm drive, I got 93 MB/s meh....switch time
  14. hey guys I got 2 Hd's, 1 master, 1 slave, both WD 80 GIG Hd's. The master hardrive has 2MB buffer/5200rpm while the Slave has 8MB/7200rm buffer. Now..would I notice a huge increase in my computer speed if I switch them. Like put XP or Vista on my current slave with 8mb buffer and 7200rpm?
  15. ha, Great Job man. Looks good with the site.
  16. It's for my secondary computer. I just need a mobo/cpu combo. and socket 478 mobo/cpu's are like the best bang for the buck. Socket kinda expensive for such an old mobo/cpu.
  17. I want to buy a socket 478 Motherboard/CPU for cheap, we're talking under $45 shipped. Payment will be sent via paypal. Btw, I'm living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Sorry if this does not belong here, but I just really need a socket 478 motherboard/cpu. If you have any other sockets, (socket A)...and want to get rid of of that too, then post here too!
  18. ...somewhat showing off Dual display. 1 15 inch LCD and 1 hellla huge 17 inch ugly crt.
  19. Well, let me give y'all all a suggestion. Never buy a Biostar motherboard. That being said......good thing they have a 2 year warranty
  20. I tried both an LCD and CRT. I'm using both of the monitors now for dual display for my main machine.
  21. A google search reveals that they are thumbnails for the PSP media player.