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  1. Lol, Ya, I found that guestbook somewhere on the web and it came with that. Forgot to edit that part. I THINK you can still find their ISP by a traceroute with their IP.
  2. Umm, Any advice for it? Does it look professionel yet simple?
  3. what o/s? if xp, did you see the tiny icon in the lower right corner indicating it was ok to disconnect the keyboard? try removing the CMOS battery for a minute or two to reset the CMOS. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> two keyboards? with the same problem? i think its a problem with the comp.
  4. if the connections arent ok..the keyboard still lights up?
  5. I moved my pc to my new house and now it doesnt work. when i repluged it, the num/caps/scroll lock lights flashed and thats it. using a ps/2 keyboard.. tried e-machine and compaq keyboards and the same thing happened. on xp home sp2 also tried a ps/2 to usb adaopter, same result as before.