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  1. Hey, Chuck. Thing was, I really thought I had the flu. Started feeling like crap in mid JAN. 2019 By the first week of FEB. I knew something just wasn't right. I didn't say much in front of my Gf. on count of not wanting to upset her or scare her. But then for the first time in my life I developed a U.T.I. Never even knew guys were pervey to one. OMG I remember talking to men from Vietnam that told story's about V.D. and the burning, and peeing out what felt like shards of glass and razors and blood. I had all that. Then it was all over my local news about volunteer firemen
  2. I was supposed to be in bed at 1 AM and is now 2:35 AM Lol. I have not been on my confuser in months. Been sick and over a month in the hospital with sepsis. I'm telling you, when you get in your mid 50's it's all down hill Lol. at least for me anyhow. Hope all are in good health here. I am fine now, but I still feel like I have had the life sucked out of me some days. Just had to stop in and say a quick hello to everyone. Be well guys. Shadow.
  3. Jeff. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good one. I must be tired as hell or something as I misread, Chucks heading. I swore it said. " Our President & owner BestTechie (Jeff Weisbein) is having a B " and I thought it read, ...........Baby !! LMAO. Sorry bout that. Eitherway, Hope it was a fun day. Enjoy your youth. I wish I was back in my 20's Mid 50's can suck for some of us. Myself including.
  4. I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Wishing you & yours the very best in 17. I also wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. I do think of this site often. Sorry I don't post much these days, but, I must admit, I am glad this site still exists. Thanks to, Jeff and all responsible parties that keep this site up an running. Stay safe, everyone. Peace out. Shadow.
  5. Man oh man, this is totally depressing. First I have been here in a dogs age and all I see is members that have passed on. First I saw was, TT75 and now sultan_emerr. R.I.P. my long lost friend. Life is just way to short. Sultan has helped me out with computer issues many of times back in my early days of computing when TTV was on air.
  6. Just happened to pop in here for the first time in ages and this is the first post I come across. Very sad news to view. R.I.P. TheTerrorist_75
  7. Talk about memory lane here. Hello folks. It's been forever since I too posted here. I just so happened to be looking for dead sites to clean out of my bookmarks and low & behold I come across this oldie but goody. Hope life is treating everyone good. Talk about being out of touch, I just happened to see a post by Pete C. about closing down the tech board at G4. I believe it was in 2005 or 06 Well I guess that is old news but new news to me as I have not been over to G4 in many years. I miss the good ole days of Call for help and the screen savers. Remember them good ole days ?? Have a gre
  8. Happy 4Th. of July America. Hello everyone. Hello, Rv56 Long time no see man. Hope all is well with you my friend.
  9. You think your late ? Huh ! Hey, Keith, long time no see. Anyhow talk about late, I'm ah dollar short and over a month late. Hi, Steve. Happy very late birthday to ya. Hope all is well. Hello, Sultan and everyone else. Hope everyone has and or enjoying this 4th of July.
  10. Why thank you very much. As usual, my day was nice and quiet just the way I like it. I didn't even have as much as one beer. Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone is enjoying the holiday season that snook up on me. Hope everyone here is doing good. If I don't get back between now and X-Mas. have a great X-Mas & new year. I hope 2008 will be much nicer to me then 07. I have had one medical issue after another on top of another and so on............
  11. Happy birthday, Barb. Sorry I am so late. Hope your day was great. Shadow.
  12. Happy birthday, Sultan. Sorry I am late. Thanks for all of your help over the years. Your a good person.
  13. Happy late, B. day from me as well.
  14. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Thankfully, I'm not 100 years old. 43 today will do nicely, thank you.
  15. This picture is 2 years old or a little over. I don't own a dig. camera, but I had some pictures on film that I had put onto CD. Anyhow, this is my modified Compaq 5,000 1.7 GHZ. I was told this could not be done. Well with some modding I was able to get the mother board and PSU. to fit in this case. I also have a Dell 4600 3.0 GHZ. right next to this one minus a case Mod. I also got rid of my clunky ole 17 inch Compaq monitor and replaced it with a 19 inch Flatron LCD. 4 MS. I also have two Belkin UPS. units, so each rig has it's own power supply back up. Right now, I am ashamed to say my
  16. enjoy. This is a great site you found. Nice people here.
  17. Nice to see you back, Keith. How did the move go for ya ? hope all went well.
  18. Happy birthday, Tyme. Hope it's the best. I often think of you. Hope all is well with you. Again, Happy birthday friend.
  19. I don't do to well with creatures and bugs either, which reminds me of an incident that just happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I had just got done cutting my grass just before it got dark. Anyhow, after I cut the grass I took a shower, came outside to sit on my front deck and have a cold beer. Keep in mind it is now completely dark out at this point. I am sitting in my chair with my robe on, beer in one hand and a cigerattee in the other. I just happened to turn my head to the right and saw what seemed to be a large animal or something in the dark. I asked my wife for the flash light without s
  20. Happy birthday, stranger. Sorry I am late. Hope it was a good one.
  21. Hehe. I hear ya, Angie. I lurk mostly here. Nice to see everyone get a happy birthday thread.