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  1. please remember computers are like air conditioners , They are great till you open windows ..
  2. im back im back ... as matter of fact i'm back . please feel free to ask any and all queries and i will as allways give a pertinant response. It is good to be home ! Indeed!
  3. Just popped in to say hello and wish all who know me and those who dont as all the best Its been too dam long best regards G.
  4. yes. giveing locations and peramiters example c:\my folder\ my pics\ ectra is Key best regards G.
  5. Right click on My Computer Select Properties Select the Advanced Tab->Startup & Recovery section Select the Settings button uncheck "Automatically restart" Apply". This will give you a blue screen withthe error message rather than rebooting the computer. post them back and we can go from there regards G.
  6. another tid bit of info when you need to restart your computer because of an update or (asked to do so ) if you hold down the shift key and then click on restart you will restart windows only and not go through the entire boot secquence regards G.
  7. this litle reg tweek is not for every one obviously as you must be comfortable with your registry however there allways comes a time when you find your self with a .dll or .ocx file that for all intencive purposes will just not delete or install this also aplies to .ocx controls now sure you could open the run box and do this manually by typing regsvr32 -u any.dll or regsvr32.exe /u any.dll to unregister and regsvr32 any.dll or regsvr32.exe any.dll acordingly or you can copy and paste the following into note pad and save file as DllOCXRegisterStop.reg right click and merge ...........
  8. Run Commands ------------------------------------------------------------------- compmgmt.msc - Computer management devmgmt.msc - Device manager diskmgmt.msc - Disk management dfrg.msc - Disk defrag eventvwr.msc - Event viewer fsmgmt.msc - Shared folders gpedit.msc - Group policies lusrmgr.msc - Local users and groups perfmon.msc - Performance monitor rsop.msc - Resultant set of policies secpol.msc - Local security settings services.msc - Various Services msconfig - System Configuration Utility regedit - Registry Editor msinfo32 - System Information sysedit - System Edit win.ini - windows load
  9. I'M HERE AS GOLIATH. hi guy's and gals i have but one wish and that = the abbility to live up to the standards that you believe that i am capable of i will be here or at g4tv as often as i can but my current personl delema at times consumes more then my 24 hour day best regards G.