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  1. Ain't that the will not find more delicately placed words on this subject ever. Chappy took the biggest nail and hammered it the first time. it is all about poise and affection...i definitely suggest reading this a few times...and i am pretty sure you'll come up with something "special" for her!!! ENJOY D
  2. No One really breaks 30...unless they own M$ HAPPY B_DAY Chappy...we wont' tell anyone if you wanna enjoy the week off...
  3. 360 Specs Dreamcast I can understand the thrill of some of the games on DC, but you can't compare graphics, or specs...SRY
  4. As long as you guys only talk about the cold weather and keep it out my FL, you alright with me... It needs to be and sweat i always say!
  5. Spotted like the,dot,dot,dot... I am the Floridian
  6. My morning routine is boring....maybe that is why it is a routine. Turn alarm off, get in the shower, spike my hair, brush my teeth... to work in under 15 additives needed **Edit** I occasionally put some clothes on somewhere in there, but just a minor detail
  7. I understand the blockage and the content...and all that shizzle, but what i don't get is why they would block the content based on bandwidth. Bandwidth doesn't have anything to do with adult this or adult that, picture this or picture that, of course there is a load process for images and documents of the sort, but if you are using a search engine, 9 out of 10 times the images are cached on those search engine server, because oddly enough, someone else is also searching for either the same thing, or relatively close to the subject. You can limit the amount of bandwidth you use in almost an
  8. Yeah...i am going to have to take a nap eyelids are much spinning...
  9. The delivery truck was delayed...we made best of what we could... Water' on the rocks...(had a heavy weekend)... 'Ante Up!
  10. Hyrdoplaining is one the most dangerous things at high speeds regardless of the cruise-control set or not. Of course we all can sit and say don't panic, but until you have been through it a few times, the adrenaline kicks you into panic mode. Just beaware of your surroundings and what your actual job is when you are driving. I went through 2 different defensive action driving courses, as well as trying my luck on many a stunt driving courses that were offered around town, the worst experience ever is realizing your aren't incontrol of the car because you blinked (panic'd) and started excer
  11. Panthera leo---devout leader and king I'll claim the Lion
  12. Well the only answer I have is, it gets colder and takes a little bit more gas to heat anything up...including cars, but your going to pay for it...
  13. No words man no words...but for the safety of your neice and everyone elses children, including the whole family tree...the best thing is, all of which your neice demonstrated...keep our children out of harms way by giving them the weapons to defend...knowledge that it can happen, just teach them so when (and if) it does, they'll be ready...
  14. I would have to say....Teriyaki beef stew, well Teriyaki chicken too, also teriyaki steak...and ranch dressing... I hate these food talk posts...always end up leaving with drool on the shirt...
  15. After watching the movie "fire in the sky", screw the Aliens and their damn probes...I am going to remain seated during the invasion and duct tape all my openings closed... Wait did that already happen...nope!