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  1. Spank #1 Spank it is done...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY
  2. But at least I have my health ... Oh ... wait ... Money buys a better class of health care! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ain't it the truth..."They" (they as if i knew who they were) just jacked up my insurance rate because I changed tax brackets...WTF is the deal with that...when did insurance become a factor with income.{end mini rant}
  3. Wow that sounds amazingly like what i would classify my small group of friends. HS was different for me though...i was in all the clubs, groups, and sports...well baseball anyways, and happened to be friends with everyone, but over the years, the real friends stuck around and didn't need help from me in this subject or the next, just wanted to talk about it. Now each weekend we all get together and "chill" talking about whatever comes up. And about the single girl loves the fact that i know more about computers than most people...she'll come home and tell me about it and before i
  4. in a word, WOW. It would be a long-lasting, slow-moving, player interactive, war type of interaction, but because you mentioned that you don't want anything of the sort...WOW isn't the word of the day... **WOW meaning World of Warcraft**
  5. Politics...all politics...just to get you to turn on the TV and/or pickup a paper after paying for it...completely UNJUST!
  6. Well it is a public account of course, but I'll have to get him to respond to me in order to find out where he is...I tried making a call to bell south, but my rep is unavailable at the time and she will be able to trace the email address to yahoo and yahoo can trace the IP usage...I'll post back when I get some information...
  7. Hey! Someone needs to throw trash out of their cars so folks on community service have something to do! BH <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Funny, but that shizzle is definitely nasty to see crap all over the road, streets, and parks (state or community). It isn't that hard to hold on to your shiz until you can find a place to THROW IT and such may not be the best place, but recycling centers in FL will pay you to recycle not just cans and metals, but plastics, rubbers (not condoms...funny though), and some types of wood. Take your 70000000 snickers wrappers to a recycli
  8. AGREED...don't go through the trouble of getting to many people involved, it will only come back on your trying to be the instigator...instead, put a end to the problem. Call the authorities and inform them than there is soliciatation to a minor, and they should jump on it like fire does to fuel. I had an incident that was with text messaging and my fiance, a x-girl of mine was still not over the situation of almost 3 years and started to harrass my fiance and it got real threaten and aggressive (a few car key incidents and other individuals following her)...but as soon as I called the polic
  9. That's Awesome to know everything is pretty much okay...Good Luck with the rebuild and REMAIN SAFE...the hurricane season still isn't over
  10. I would by my own Moon and have it transported right here next to Earth's Moon...have my facilities built upon it and then oversee the plans for earth and its ruture...of course, I would also have to make sure that Hawaiian Tropic Girls and the Girls of Maxium have their places on my moon...then i would need a Wendy's, Hooters, and ABC Liquor built there as well...(or can deliver in 30 minutes of less)...More than enough money has gone into this project, what every may be left over...I would ensure that I would never run out of air...LOL...(I guess i went a little too far on the selfishness pa
  11. Maybe while they are driving they can place my order at McD's and drop the kiddies off at school...i can see the headlines now. "Onstar Driver drops students off at McD's while waiting for the principle to bring burger and fries to the window"
  12. Vile_DR

    Jigsaw Puzzle

    That was kinda fun...didn't take to long either...
  13. 3.05 for bad that is the only thing i can put in my car...AHHHHHH
  14. I like the tiki torch method...then take one of those Raid Pads and watch the critters cook...just make sure you have something pleasant to smell around you...
  15. what's a pacer? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's A Good One MAC...
  16. Yeah...i kinda feel the same way...but the dog is just awesome...
  17. I love this game...unfortunately...the lights are always on in the morning..
  18. I love the picture of the little white dog and the ball...that is just an awesome picture...I am going to save the picture and show my fiance...she will absolutly die over how cute it is....
  19. It has to be the plastic smell...they fear the plastic smell...
  20. I saw parts of it MAC and it was just as horrible as you describe...besides it being a tear between the pt cruiser and the isn't an attrative car... Andy Dick is funny...when he isn't the major role or the center of attention...