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  1. breadbasket... (wow I have been gone a while)
  2. catch...........toss a few baseballs
  3. Neighborhood Watch......on the streets...
  4. I guess mine would be to not finish others sentences and listen a little more before interrupting...
  5. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say "THANKS" well as it being great that you're on the BT forums. I wanted to pOp right in and see if any of the wells had run dry and if i need to refill them. New Years swept me clean of the non-sober drinks, any club-soda still tapped? ENJOY!
  6. "Quote the whole d*mn thread"...hehe That is why this place is better than any other. There may be differences, there may be opinions, attitudes, laughters, smiles, poems, jokes, birthdays, friends, family on any other board, but nothing like this one. I haven't been to many other forums, and honestly, this is where i come for my answers, good times, just to say hello, and hear the support that thrives vicariously through each and every thread. We all talk, we all enjoy, we all butt-heads from time to time, we all have a difference of opinions and do things differently, but of all the other
  7. Bacon------(funny little tune....."I smell bacon, I smell grease, I smell ****county police")
  8. Vile_DR

    From Marty

    Marty-Marty!!!! Definitely take care, and don't worry about us...we'll still be here for ya! ENJOY!
  9. Closest for me was a str8 flush 9-k clubs....$780 pot!...luckest hand ever...beat out 4 hard kings. Belief
  10. We are all here for you Marty!!!...waiting for the snippets...don't think you are getting away with that so easy...hehe...get well friend!
  11. Odds-----never seen a royal flush in spades---
  12. That is really funny...i love the img...
  13. The age old antics...anyone pick up that map to neverland?
  14. And Goldeneye on the 64 was the best 1st-person shooter...until halo...i loved wasting time inside these games!