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  1. Click Options (top right of the first post in a thread) > Click "Standard" under 'Display Modes'
  2. RIght Click your desktop > Settings > You should see a number 1 and a number 2 monitor. Select number 2 and check "Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor".
  3. I notice in that photo you have the option of scrolling down quite a bit. What is below the screen shot? I ask this because whne I load it I can scroll down almost none. Also, I can sorta reproduce your result be disabling Java. So make sure that is up-to-date.
  4. To verify your Flash did update correctly, clikc here: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...rnalId=tn_15507 What version number?
  5. Have you thought about using the Joomla CMS? Check Out: http://www.rockettheme.com THey have a good selection of templates for Joomla. It'll be quite hard to start from scratch and make a competetive Web 2.0 website. Joomla and a good Template make easier, however. EDIT: Also, Stay away from GoDaddy!! They may seem like a good host, but you get what you pay for!
  6. Alright, Relatives computer is having issues. Troubling shooting 3 states away is so fun Here's the deal. Their Dell 3000 goes from the Windows Loading screen, to just a blank screen (the monitor is still active) and never goes further. It will boot to safe mode. It has integrated graphics as well as a PCI video card. I had them enable the integrated graphics in the BIOS (that was fun) and plug the monitor into the motherboard. Still no change. Next we uninstalled the video drivers. No change. Updated the video drivers. No Change. Any ideas? EDIT: Also, the system restore fails. And, Ive be
  7. Went up 40-60 cents today alone! All the stations raised prices 2-4 times. And that's only TODAY! Local news caster is predicting just over $5 in the morning! Jeesh. This is crap. Pure BS! Im sure glad both my vehicles happened to be full...
  8. No doubt if I used IE or FF Id swtich... But over Opera? Nope... Not at this stage anyhow.
  9. Anyone tried out Google's new web browser? So far I see no reason to swtich from Opera. Infact, it is missing a couple key features that I can't do with out.
  10. Goodluck with the insurance claims! What was the other driver's response? Was it a no-passing zone? Glad you're alright!
  11. I restored the website. However, 1) How did they get in there and go this? 2) What can I do about it?
  12. http://divingnutz.com/ Using CMS: Joomla Just the Index is changed. Of course, I had no backups. Anyone familar with Joomla that knows how to fix this? Thanks Yall
  13. That's the one. Many thanks! Half the the Linux/Tech Support section could be summed up as "Read The FAQ" or "Search!"
  14. What is the old term that used to be given to a message board thread when whatever the subject was, was compared to nazism, and as a result, climaxed? I know I saw it a few times on the old TTV forums, but for the life of me can't remember the term, or find it on Google.
  15. LOL! THat's quotable right there...
  16. Don't get me wrong. I love the car. I wouldnt be about to put this much time, energy, and money into it if I didn't. I just wish Ford would have thought this deisgn over a little bit... Nah. Just a simple four door the an inline six.
  17. ... I'd like to punch you square in the mouth. That's right. Some great Ford emplyee decided to put vents in the cowling to allow fresh air into the car... THe prolbem? With air came water... and trash. The trash would get clogged up around the air vents under the dash and eventually rust them out. After the air vents rusted out, water would enter the cabin and eventually rust out the floor. THis design was on ALL Ford Mavericks, and a hand full of Mustangs. That's where I am at now. 1972 Ford Maverick with one large hole, and dozens of smaller ones I started "My Project" today. Which is c
  18. Mike - I'm using "RokZoom". It's an extension for Joomla created by Rocket Theme. It's not a complete photo gallery per say; just animates & enlarges the photo when you click on the thumbnail.
  19. Pretty impressive!! What were the torque numbers?
  20. 10% Ethanol won't attack hoses. Too small in quantity. It will however lower your gas milage. Ive noticed all the cheap gas stations, and Walmart, around here have E10 while the Chevron/Shell/Exxons don't. So, by getting the cheap gas, you're actualling paying more per mile driven. Ive tried to explain that to friends and family, but all they say is "Well, my car runs fine". Gahh!!