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  1. DOH! Watch list... that would have been a good idea.
  2. Marty. That post is 110% backwards. You don't really get the whole truth from your media sources, which is the problem these days. However, I just received some excellent news, and I am in a ridiculously good mood, so all I am going to say is God bless, Marty. I also hope Obama succeedes. Cheers
  3. Howdy Folks. Does Ebay display different messages on cancelled auctions to differ between a user pulled auction and one that Ebay pulled? Here's the auction - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks...A1%7C240%3A1318 It *was* a 74 Maverick, but it, and several other of the seller's auctions are gone. Im wondering if the dealership pulled the auctions or Ebay?
  4. Yes, well Im "disappointed" in the last, how ever many years, of your anti bush, anti capitalism, far left loony CRAP that you have been spewing. You're right, you're entitled to your opinion, but enough is enough. You've spoken out on this board against America and Bush, despite the no politics rule for far too long. How many people have you made leave? I know of atleast one person a long time ago you literally made cry Marty! For the last several years everyone has held their tounge and allowed your garbage to be fed. So please, now that the ban on politics has been lifted, don't get "disapp
  5. As usual you out do yourself Marty. How about you get your nose out the sand and look around at who causes what wars in this world. We KNOW you hate Bush. You say so on a regular basis. Im far from a fan of his, but the way you beat this dead horse is an insult to America. Atleast that's one good thing about Obama. Everyone from everywhere looks up to him like he's god. I can't wait to see who you, and everyone else is going to blame now that Bush is gone. Are ya'll going to turn against Obama like a pack of rapid dogs in a couple years, also? Good Day Marty. And goodluck!
  6. There's a huge difference between services to the public meaning national security, roads, and highways, and handing money to people. Tax money... at one point in time... was ment to benefit the public as a whole. Not one group/person. Do you not see the humor in this statement? There is no "medical insurance crisis". Of course people are not insured. How is this a crisis? How is this something that the government should intervene in? Yeah. Sounds nice and cozy. What "laws" would you change? How is it people can't afford to live their life in a "good" way? Bozo is right. I, me, mine. Give
  7. Id keep those rotors. Rust = friction = amazing stopping powers
  8. That's got to be software compatiblilty issues and not a true result.
  9. I heard an equivalent of Microsoft's OneCare would be built in to Windows 7. Is this in the beta?
  10. Me thinks anyone that claims this had faulty self adjusting drums (okay, theres one BIG disadvantage for drums - did the auto adjuster come from the factory working? ) and weak rear brakes. You shouldnt be able to tell a bit of difference (if the drums are working correctly) untill they start heating up. Which is difficult to do seeings how little they do im comparison to the front brakes. If if the rears brake that much 'harder' from swapping to discs, the braking ratio will be way off. One emergency braking situation on a wet road and you're in a tree. Don't forget too, if your car has ABS
  11. Any 3gbs HDD will have a jumper setting to reduce the speed to 1.5gps. I can't find any info telling if your laptop will take advantage of the faster speed or not. If that's the info you're looking for, you may have to call Dell.
  12. Why four wheel disc brakes? More expense and trouble than it's worth. The backs do realativly little. Id rather put money into buying top quality suspension parts. Hell. My car has four wheel drums and stops on a.... Well. Nevermind Really though. Do people on Tennspeed see a lot of benefit from all four discs?
  13. I really like how Alan Jackson has started performing as he got older. Slow, smooth, relaxing... As music should be. Some with Jimmy Buffet. You'll never walk alone was nice. Relaxing and enjoyable. - Alan Jackson - Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning Jimmy Buffet - Bama Breeze
  14. Ive never been a MS basher, but I hate the way they do this crap. Release an unfinished product, then charge you to upgrade two years later.... Any idea what the cost for this will be? Can someone tell us what they think... I dont have time to install it.
  15. All my tires are filled with nitrogen... 79% to be exact
  16. In that case. Surfing habits dont matter. Get a cheap AV Suite and look at all the porn you want.... Tryin to drum some business up for ya
  17. After years of running this or running that, Ive figured out the BEST anit-malware (for me) is none at all. Ive been doin this for a long bit now, with no infections. No crap running the the background, no constant updates, no scanning, no slow downs at all. The best anti-malware is the computer user.
  18. Save Open Office, most of that other crap isn't needed. There are apps to speed this, tweak that, defrag that, adjust this, but in the end you wont tell much of a difference. A clean computer with minimal running programs is all you need. No headache, no hastle, no problems. BTW, Welcome to BT, Bob.
  19. A goodluck to the new year to you Tyme.
  20. People are only expecting what he was promising. He built himself of as a "miracle".
  21. What? A politician spewing crap at a debate to get elected? Say it ain't so
  22. Merry Christmas Folks Don't dope up on too much 'nog.
  23. Bubba Bob

    Hello Again

    Welcome Back Sicne you are *only* attending MIT, I guess we can let this one go
  24. LOL! Good one Marty. I hope that person doesnt come back one day and find a bumper laying on the ground.
  25. I watched the US Fuel Outlook report on CSPAN 2 today. It was an outlook guide for projected biofuel growth. Ethanol production, of course, was projected to increase. The interesting part, was MOST of the ethanol growth was expected to be from corn. It was like 4/5ths corn... Straight through 2030.