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  1. Im sure it gets old quick, but Im jealous of you. We hit 75 today. Stay safe and warm up there!
  2. Hardly whining. The government has done nothign at all to get us of oil. NOTHING! Now they are mandating... MANDATING... the use of ethanol. The oil saved is almost nothing, in the grand scheme of things, but they are mandating it's use. You know why? Because "big corn" has figured out how to get nothign for something. Obama talks about depression style works programs. Why doesn't he focus on buidling an alternative fuel infrastructure? Why is the government wasting time with this ethanol crap, which costs everyone more, and solves NOTHING! Why does my car call for 6 degrees timing, but I
  3. JCL beat me to it. Natural Gas. A small group of people have done it for years, but it never quite caught on. Ever scene an old farm truck with a low pressure, steel tank on the back of his truck? Probably natural gas. You can convert your current vehicle to use natural gas for relativley cheap. We have lots of natural gas, and we wouldn't be abusing our soil or jacking up the cost of food. http://www.pickensplan.com/theplan/ Although, I see it now... big corn will have 10% ethanol in natural gas
  4. Im trying to make a tribute DVD. One part will be a short movie. No problem. The other part, Id like to be a compilation of photos, and videos, that the user can scroll through in your standard DVD player. So, Id like the DVD menu to have a choice of either playing the video, or going into the document compilation. Then have a nice screen with a list of thumbnails for photos and videos. Anyone know how to accomplish this? I already bought Adobe Premier so Id like to not have to buy anything else. Thanks!
  5. J, I beleive you missed my point. The government is toiling around with this ethonal garbage, while real solutions go untouched. Everyone complains about big oil. A rising problem now, is "big corn". "Big Corn" lobbyst have our country rolling in the wrong direction. Ill gladly pay more for something, If It 's a real solution. But ethonal is not a solution to anything. It is, in short, a scam. We are being scammed. We pay to subsidize it through our taxes, and we pay for it through decreased gas milage. And we pay for it at the pump. We are getting screwed three different ways, for a non-solut
  6. I posted this on another forum, and decided to copy and paste it here. SOme parts have been deleted to comply w/ the no politic'n rules. Slowly, gas stations have been converting over the E10 fuels. Today, I was able to find just one Ozark gas station w/o the 10% Ethonal mix. The clerk tells me the owner is holding out as long as possible, but will be forced to use E10 fuels at the start of the new year. So. I looked it up. And, sure 'nuff - http://www.agprofessional.com/show_story.php?id=55147 The problem with Ethonal? Well, there are many. For starters, the crap takes fuel to create it. L
  7. Let's see... what was Dell's key.... F2 I think? Tap the F2 key as the computer first starts booting. (if you see teh Vista screen you're too late - start over) A "BIOS" page should come up. Itll usually be a text on a solid background. Lots of options. Etc Look around untill you find some tempuratures listed - If you can record them and post them (preferably after one of the "shut off" episodes) WHATEVYER YOU DO - DONT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS IN THE BIOS! When you want to leave, BE SURE to "Exit WITHOUT Saving Changes"!! Oh, and if you could. Switch the ram sticks around.
  8. Alright - Are you comfortable going into the computer and switching the sticks of ram around? Im assuming you have two, 1gb sticks. Do you know what you have? Also, do you know how to boot into the BIOS and check the CPU temp? EDIT- WAIT, is this a laptop?
  9. Since ya don't know what it is, Ill assume you arent misusing it. Now, I want to reconfirm that you say it "Shuts Down"? As in it goes through the shut down sequence.... "Windows Is Logging Off" - "Windows Is Now Shutting Down" - etc?
  10. I hope you had a good one Steve
  11. The keyboard nipple... you either love her or hate her...
  12. Welcome to BT! Now.... "Shut Off" as in it shuts down... or it just goes black? Most Common Reasons - 1 - You're Using MSCONFIG as a start up manager 2 - Fautly Ram. 3 - Overheating Next time it happens, boot into the bios and find where it has the tempuratures listed - What are they? Do you have multiple sticks of ram? If so, switch the order. Do you use MSCONFIG as a startup manager? Is so - DONT! Also, could you post the brand and model of your computer? How old is it? Feel free to ask for clarification if you need to. Goodluck
  13. Thanks for the reply's folks. I realized it wasnt Toshiba with the nub in the center of the keyboard... it was IBM. Which is now Lenova... Now, Ill be using the laptop as that... a portable computer. I havent been real thrilled with the build quality of any consumer laptops Ive scene (flimsy). So, Ill probably go with the "Business" version of what ever I get. So... Im comparing the Dell Latitude, HP's Business Notebooks, and the IBM/Lenova Thinkpads. I never see the Thinkpads anymore. Any reason for that? Seems like they used to be the best. And they are very competetivly priced compared to
  14. Howdy Folks. Could someone point me towards where the good Laptops are kept? Looking for an affordable, Windows based Laptop. Something in the $800 area. I was leaning towards Toshiba... Probably because that was the last brand of Laptop I used... Do they still make laptops with the nubs in the center of the keyboard? Been a while... What are the good brands these days? Best Prices? Etc EDIT - Additional Info - Looking for a small, portable system. 15.4in screen is my preference. Need good cpu/ram. Graphics are not important. Need good battery life...
  15. Bound to happen sooner or later. As you said, most likely any anti malware program wouldn't have made a difference... Other than maybe alerting you to the problem. I hope the clean up went well...
  16. Nice write up J. 30 channels huh? Sounds crazy. How many do you pick up w/ analog? Ive never scene more than... 2 ... with rabbit ears.
  17. Thanks for replying Bubba Bob. Yes, it is their new fiber optic network. They will be signing up customers the 22nd of Dec. It sounds good with the phone, cable and internet from one source and the rebates for signing up. Will have to check the "Welcome Package" out when it arrives in the next few days. :) Any idea what the prices will be yet? EDIT - Sounds like a good deal. Any idea yet how they will hook up the TV(s)? Any charges for that?
  18. Is this part of ATT's new fiber optic network? If so, I'd jump on the chance. ATT is really going after the cable companies, so I bet you'll be able to save some cash.
  19. Marty, could you explain it? I don't get it.
  20. Discovery Channel - I Love the World
  21. Pffft. Had Sears replace my muffler bearings last month. Really helped the gas milage!!!
  22. Automotive Docter is doing blinker fluid flushes for free right now! If yall have one local, it's a great deal!
  23. Wouldn't that be the ultimate irony. Do what the world thinks we can't, then have an aussie kill him off!
  24. Shhhh. Can't let this get out. Funny, the "fifty cent" bill was so "shamefull", but this cheesy rip job is perfectly okay.