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  1. Might not be on topic, but i have a fresh rant. I went to Applebees to eat today. I was seated right under a speaker. The whole time we were eating they played nothing but BRC (black rap crap, no offense). I had to speak up to talk to anyone!!!! Do they think that every customer is a mindless idiot that listens to that kind of crap?
  2. She has,she rolled over and went back to sleep. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You sure she didn't pass out a roll over?
  3. Sounds like back pressure in exhaust system to me. Maybe a bad catalytic convertor or muffler. EDIT: How long ago was it when you had both of those replaced?
  4. Good idea. Here are some websites to get coupon codes. (thanks to Sultan) http://www.couponcabin.com/ http://dealhunting.com/ http://www.techbargains.com/coupons.cfm http://www.jumpondeals.com/ http://www.resellerratings.com/forum/f16/index.html
  5. Nice, ill switch to that.! I liked weatherbug, but now they force you to install My WEb Search also
  6. yeah, where is the cooler? One cant fish with out it!
  7. Bubba Bob


    Whats the problem? I NEED rain and am thankful for this storm.
  8. Hey, i heard a rumor that if the same person(s) click the google ads alot, then google will drop you. Is this true?
  9. I live in a one horse town, and have to drive 20 miles to the nearest city to buy groceries and other supplies. I try to limit my trips to once a week. Also, I no longer drive above 65 MPH (unless passing old people, log trucks, and blondes)
  10. I was paying $1.70 in Texas, I drive to Alabama and holy crap! $2.10!! My guess is, it's the usual summer price increases. Yeah, startin with fixen your highways. I bounced my ass off
  11. Awesome Thanks! Click the "G" at the top right, next to the search box. Wikipedia is at the bottom.
  12. Hell, if thats what they do, Im all for it since I dont have much in the first place
  13. Thank You BTW, if you add a Paypal Donation button, i might drop you a couple bucks next month.
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    New Newegg.

    I like the new layout. It's functional, which is the only thing i care about. I can easily find products...
  15. Well, are these two different HDDs or the same one? EDIT: I skipped over the word partition. SO, NVM. I need to go to bed