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  1. Could you go to it again if you see this message (to rule out it being a fluke)? It loads in a minimum of 7 seconds for me. The server is much closer to you though... I called godaddy and their response was pay up for virtual dedicated hosting Threaten to cancel, maybe that'll get their attention. I would expect better from GoDaddy.
  2. Economy hosting - 1 year renewal with linux. Maybe tell them your site is slow and see if they can move it to another server?
  3. Yes it will. Im with GoDaddy also. It was very easy to do. They walked me through it over the phone. Great customer service. On a side note, what is your website? Mine is VERY slow. My renewal is up at the end of the month so Im looking to go elsewhere. My current website is http://www.trophyshoponline.com - it does get slow at times as well but I use a redirect script to redirect traffic from trophyshoponline.com to trophyshoponline.com/site/ so I was assuming that was it. Is yours a business site?
  4. I'm under GoDaddy.com currently. I'll give them a call, thanks my friend. Also, if they click a link will it go to http://www.newsite.com/link.html ?
  5. I've always been slightly confused about this but I'll explain it the best I can. Say I currently have a hosting service that isn't fully used. I need to open a new site, but don't want to pay for more wasted space. I upload my new site (in /newsite/) to my server. I buy a domain name. I point the domain name http://www.newsitedomain.com to http://www.oldsite.com/newsite/index.html Now here's the question. When I go to http://www.newsitedomain.com, will it show in my address bar http://www.oldsite.com/newsite/index.html or http://www.newsitedomain.com/index.html? I'm pretty sure it'll show htt
  6. He tried that (I did too) but on most sites it ignores that feature for the style of the site (such as this one).
  7. I'm sad to say I think the only way that you could get the text to be larger would be to use the old [CTRL]+Scroll method, but it's no where near permanent.
  8. She is using Firefox updated. I have not updated them to FF 3 yet. I am going to wait until it does it automatically. If I change the DPI do I leave the resolution at 1024 by 768? I think that is what you are saying. Everything has to be automatic or they will have a fit and mess everything up. Thanks for the reply Spazmatic. Yes this method will leave the resolution so that the icons and everything are smaller, the text will just be larger.
  9. If you go to Control Panel > Display, go to the advanced tab, then set your DPI higher than 96, this will make your text bigger but you will still have a higher resolution. I'm not 100% sure this will work in your browser but I'm almost positive. This method will change the desktop and all menus to this size text as well. What browser is she using? In Firefox my preferences stick just fine when changing options such as this. A problem about setting your font size is that most sites use different font sizes in a style sheet and those overwrite the browser's decision. If you go to somewhere l
  10. I mostly just copy and pasted what you said and this is his reply: No. ISDN is a 2 wire trunk, both BRI and PRI. Bri has 2 64k channel and a data channel that you can use to carry things like x.25.- like all the 7-11's used to do with cc processing over x.25. PRI is 23 64k channels and a data channel. Let me make my point so as you can understand it, All of your neighbors crap terminates in the underground vault at the dslam. The dslam does not have UNLIMITED bandwidth to the Central office. The carrier for the ATM from the underground vault to the CO may not even be the ISP, but a 3rd party w
  11. I'm having a slight debate. I always thought DSL was dedicated until it hit the nearest ISP CO. Here's what he's telling me:
  12. Thanks for the tip. He's already over budget about $200 but I'll let him know.
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834198009 Is this a good deal, he's looking to spend 800-900 bucks, let me know what you think.