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  1. You are too nieve my freind. You can't negotiate with Ahmed Imanutjob. He spews rhetoric then fuels global terrorism. Iran needs to be taken out. If only we had invaded them instead of Iraq...
  2. All you need to know to build a decent looking website is HTML and CSS. Go to the book store and buy "The Missing Manual HTML" and "The Missing Manual CSS". IMO these are the BEST guides out. They assume you know nothing and go from there with very easy to follow lessons. You need to learn HTML for a good foundation, then move onto CSS. Next google and download "NVU". It seems to be the preferred, freeware HTML editing tool. Goodluck
  3. Yep. That's not Blueray. It's some sort of compressed video. Divx or something of the sort. You're not having a hardware issue, you're having a software issue. Update your video drivers and try playing the video with a different program.
  4. The 100% CPU usage could be from other factors, such as compensating for lack of RAM or GPU capabilities. First - Is your computer home built or big brand? If it's big brand, cross over clocking out. 2nd - What are your computer's specs? If your computer can't play a movie, I doubt overclocking will help. Also, is the movie in blueray quality? If so - damn - how long did that take to download? Anyway, try a different media player. You could also convert the video into a lower quality format. You also need to update your video drivers. That could be part of the problem. Goodluck.
  5. I went to a speech last week being given by my house rep. He was one of the 11 Democrats in the house that voted against it. He said at the start, the bill was supposed to be a sub 500billion, 90 day stimulus plan. However, by the time everyone was done adding in their wants, it was a 2 year stimulus plan that was over 800billion dollars. According to him, over half was just politicians dipping their hand in the coffers. Now the Senate has pushed it to roughly an even trillion dollars. So Are We.
  6. Happy Birthday!! :thumbsup:
  7. Im on the fence, but i will say it has brought some life back to the forum!
  8. Obama admitted it only after being beat down by the press and losing how many points in the polls? It was a stunt pure and simple. Again, there's nothing wrong with it per say, it's something any politician would do. However, he ran on a "change" platform - this is not change. Just goes to show America was tricked into beleiving "change" is coming by a politician from Chicago! CHICAGO! LOL! Cheers. There are no facts at hand. Only one issue with several different view points. A liberal/moderate/conservative bias has EVERYTHING to do with 'it'
  9. Well when you say it like that it sounds like a bad thing.
  10. Once again you say I "attacked" someone. I guess my logic in thinking that someone can't accuratley recall the beginning of the Bush presidency when they were (im guessing here) around 11 at the time is wrong? Now, once again, he diverted attention away from Obama by immediatly attacking Bush. And yet you want to directly call me out? And further more, I have responded to the subject at hand, but you didn't respond to that. Instead you insist on furthering the notion that I have "attacked" Matt. You disappoint me here Hitest. Admitting a mistake after a blood bath by the press and a drop
  11. Hiest, I am very aware of what an ad hominem is. That was not the case. I, very tactfully I might add, simply noted that the bias is very obvious. I try to be very fair In my thinking, but often times realize my opinion is differed on a subject because of a personal bias. I have been called out before, and took a serious look around. Matt may want to do the same. If you, Hitest, think I "attacked" anyone, please have a look around also. Yes Obama admitted to making a mistake. But only after taking a beating from the press. It is obvious that he "admitted to making a mistake" not on principal
  12. Matt, it is obvious you will spin anything to favor Obama and/or look bad on Bush. Do you realize this? (hey, its hard to see our own bias sometimes) Besides, you were how old when Bush took office? I don't expect you to remember ANYTHING from that point in time
  13. No, they would just move on to other sources of income. Did all the stills dry up after the end of prohibition? Some did, but the larger 'businesses' just converted to pot. Make pot legall, they will just move on to harder drugs.
  14. You can quote anything out of context to fit your bias I guess. It's obvious what J was saying. The same group that wants legalization of certain controlled substances would (generally) never think of lifting gun control laws. You can't have your cake and eat it too. No one wants liberty, they want to get high and not worry about the consequences.
  15. Not surprising the New York Times calls it "disproportionate". "False Pretext"? Give me a break. The Times is a joke.
  16. Amount of fluid doesn't matter. Bleed your brakes. Ive never once had a mechanic bleed the brakes to my liking.
  17. The Bush administration didn't "let" anyone win. Doesn't work like that here. And furthermore, if Obama were white, he would not have won the election. (there, you want to bring race in, there you have it) Just the like left wing press did for the last 8 years? No Marty. I am holding my elected officials accountable, just like I did when Bush was in office. Besides, that's ironic. You "condem" Bush up and down the street but you praise Obama! Hmmmm
  18. Here is a good read on FDR and the Great Depression - http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/FDR-s...ssion-5409.aspx If Obama does nothing, we will be better off than this plan. The market is funny. Ever buy a stock then see it start dropping? Soon, after you lose too much money and you can't take it anymore you sell? Shortly after the stock starts going back up! You sold on emotion and not logic. The economy is like that. Once the recession is already so bad that everyone takes note and thinks we should do something, it's closer to the end. And every damn time, the government steps in to "he
  19. You must be right. Afterall, It worked for the last president. I guess the "change" is being put on hold?
  20. Looks as if this "economic stimulus plan" will pass quickly, and with virtually no GOP support. The good news, the GOP seems to be shifting back towards their fiscally conservative roots. This is a good thing, even if it is being fueled by petty party politics. The bad news, this stimulus plan will fail. History shows it will fail. And it will fail hard. This is the type of crap the government pulled at the start of the "great depression". What did it do? Hardened the depression and make it last right up untill WWII. At the heart of Obama's plan is of course government created jobs. Think TV
  21. That sounds like hate speach to me. Isn't talk like that now against the law, according the the Obama administration's new interpertation of the hate crime laws? Yes. You are correct.
  22. Just because we sold Iraq weapons doesn't mean Huessein wasn't a threat. It just means that in the 80s (when we sold arms to Huessein) Iran was the bigger threat. Iraq was our pawn in the chess game called the middle east. Of course, then Iraq started to be a supporter for global terror. I guess that's not a threat to America huh? Also, Colin Powell has tried to distance himself from Bush ever since Bush's apporval ratings started going down. Im not saying he did or did not warn Bush not to go to Iraq, but Id take anything he says with a grain of salt. It's all politics.
  23. A minor point. The Bush administration did not hold true to the conservative maxim, that is, to be fiscally responsible. The Bush administration spending policies made Congress seem like a light-weight. I mean come on,man:-) Note - That's a MAJOR point. The repubs are now going after Obama's spending, saying it's too much. WHAT? Now you want to be fiscally conservative? Where was this for the last 8 years?!?!