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  1. ahh ok thanks for the info, you learn something new every day lol.
  2. lol I'm not gona lie... I don't even know what that is.
  3. ahh ic. I have a GeForce 6600GT
  4. I'm sorry I made a mistake that was the one i was able to watch 1.455g 720p the one that lagged me up was 2.2g 1080p the 720p was still labeled at bluray and ill admit the picture was really nice compared to the the usual. The movie is 1hr long. i have CCCP and i just downloaded the new nvidia drivers. I dont think my audio codecs or anything should be off. Plus I deleted the 2.2g so I cant really test any new settings out :/. downloading that big of a file at dl speeds around 100kb/s takes forever. My hd isn't that big so i deleted it 2.2g is alot of space and it was worthless since i coul
  5. mmm, the movie took me about a half a day to download and its approx 1.45g so not that big. mm as for my specs ill try and post them edit: btw i was fiddling with my ram and now its at 100Mhz?? did i do something wrong shouldnt it be operating at 200? since thats what the packaging said. Its a corsair XMS 2gb 184pin pc3200. annd my computer is a mix i bought a new botherboard power supply graphics card and ram the rest was salvaged from a storebought
  6. actually, the reason why i wanted to overclock was because i downloaded this movie in like blueray but It doesnt play right, like it lags and the audio is off from the picture and when i bring up task manager my cpu is running at 100% nonstop i thought myabe if i overclocked it for like two hours would get me through the movie lol. But of course after reading it looks like overclocking my cpu is more work than the reward. XD
  7. Wow these are great. I used one for my background myspace page hope you don't mind XD
  8. So I'm totally new to overclocking and I really don't want to try and search for stuff on my own because I'm not sure how reliable the other sources are. So I was wondering if maybe you guys have a guide or something to experiment with overclocking, and if it really helps at all and how high the risks are thanks.
  9. Thanks for that link, it helped a little, I was wondering if you also have a guide for overclocking maybe? edit: or should i put that as a new tab or try and look for it?
  10. So far I know that the RAM you buy is mainly limited by your mobo and your os. Like the mobo has a certain number of pins it can take. and the os can only support up to so much ram. So im not really interested in that information, but more like the the speed. I was reading that Cas latency is important, but then i see these like 6GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) with cas 8-8-8-24 triple channel kit. and then I have 2GB DDR 400 (PC 3200) 2-3-3-6 is mine crap compared to that 6gb? Haha I feel like I'm asking a stupid question but when buying ram should i be looking for speed first and then cas? and