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  1. Hope you both had a great day. take care, Pat
  2. Happy Birthday Bubba Bob, Hope it's a great day for ya. Take care, Pat
  3. Happy Belated Birthday Hitest, I usually stop in daily to check in. (see what I missed) Things have been a little hectic around here sine we just moved into a new place. Hope it was a great day for ya. Take care, Pat
  4. novi

    25 Years!

    Congratulations and a wish for many more happy years. Hope the celebration is a good one. (thats how I like to celebrate, eat good food. ) Take care, Pat
  5. Happy Birthday Rv, Hope it's a great day for ya enjoy. Take care, Pat
  6. Happy Birthday Jeff, Hope it's a great day for ya. Enjoy. take care, Pat
  7. Happy Birthday Sharon, Hope it was a good day for ya. take care, Pat PS hope all is OK
  8. Happy Birthday TT, Hope it was a great day for ya. Take care, Pat
  9. I have multiple policies with state farm. You get discounts for multiple policies, multiple vehicle, and accident free. I have used them for years with no complaints. take care, Pat
  10. Hey Tyme, Happy Birthday my friend. Hope all is well with you. Hope you have a great day. Enjoy! Take care, Pat PS Your still a young pup. The body parts don't start falling off til around 40
  11. very cool with a great testimonial. wtg
  12. novi

    Lonely Forum

    Thanks peaches, I should walk around this place a little more often. A lot of usefull info there. Take care, Pat
  13. Happy birthday Mark, Hope it's a good one for ya. Take care, Pat
  14. Hi Brian Very nice tv. Looks like it will be great for watching movies. Good luck and enjoy. Take care, Pat
  15. Happy Birthday Brian, Hope it,s a great day for you. Enjoy! Take care, Pat
  16. I do not know if you have religious beliefs or not. I am not trying to tell what to do. I will tell you when I have a difficult problem and I don't know what to do, I say a prayer and ask for help and offer my problem up so I don't feel so alone. Good luck and keep your spirits up. You must have been a very good employee to last 30 years. If a perspective employer sees that kind of dedication it will definitely help you. take care, Pat
  17. Hi Honda Boy, Happy belated Birthday. Hope it was a good one. Take care, Pat
  18. any time, I'm glad it worked. Take care, Pat
  19. e-recovery for outlook express is a program that will find deleted emails on your computer. (provided they have been overwritten). Go to the website and download the free version, (for detection) run the program. If it finds the lost sent folder the emails will be listed. then you pay for the program and recover your lost email. I had the very same problem a while back. The program worked very well for me. I think the cost is $27.00 (I think) It was well worth it for me. Take care, Pat look for e-recovery for outlook express
  20. Pete's option is the best. If you have lost the emails and can't recover them, there is a program called e-Recovery for outlook express. You can download the program to see if the emails are still on the computer. If they are you can pay for the program to recover the emails. (one time payment not sure of the cost. After that you own the program) good luck. take care, Pat
  21. novi

    I'm Upset

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He will do well if he listens to the doctors. diet, lifestyle changes etc. take care, Pat
  22. Happy Birthday Jimras, hope it was a great day for ya. Pat
  23. TT man I had no idea, I knew you had some problems a while back. I hope you're on the mend. If you need a care package and I can fit it in a box, just let me know and I'll send it up. Take care and keep us posted, Pat
  24. very cool pic Mandy. tried to vote and they said voting closed. take care, Pat P.S. it was the best pic
  25. Sultan I have to say I absolutely love your desktop. That is exactly what mine would look like if I did not use desk hide. Take care, Pat