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  1. Greetings all, I dont understand why the computer won't give me the option of backing up the computer on a CD (which would be drive d) instead it gives me the option of backing up to the smart media drives(f,g,h,i) any help would be greatly appriciated.I have (2) computers which do the same thing. thanks, Pat rig1 athlon xp 3000+ windows xp home 512MB ram 333fsb 160GB HD 8 in 1 digital media reader cdrw dvdrw nvidia GeForce4 MX RIG 2 Celleron D 330 (266GHz) windows xp home 512 MB ram 80GB HD 8 in 1 digital media reader cdrw dvd
  2. Hi Tyme, Hope you can read this. Long tyme no hear. My wife has been ill so I haven't been on either board much at all, for a long time. My wife is finally on the up side recovering nicely from surgery. I hope to be comming back with a little more frequency. I tried to pm you on the other boards but it said you were not accepting any messages. I have an old e mail addy for you and don't know if it is any good. I have to run to work. I'm late take care, Pat PS what was the name of the new program you were using?
  3. That sounds like an excelent idea. I know it would help network challenged people like me
  4. Thanks for the info all. I will be sure to check from now on. Pat
  5. Hi wayne, I I nstalled 5.1 and it seems to be ok so far. I did an error check with 5.1 which I could not do with 5.0. Dowmloaded sp2 on the other computer. The only problem I seem to be having is that windows can't see the status of ZAP or NAV. No big deal I know they are both running Thanks again Pat
  6. thanks wayne, I'm going right now to get 5.1 thanks, Pat
  7. Hi wayne, You said you had zap version5.1. Did not know they updated version 5.0. Are you having any problems with the updated zap.I had version 5.0 but it would not let me do an error check so I rolled back to version 4.5. please let me know if you are having problems with 5.1 Thanks, Pat
  8. I don't want to be a test case for sp2, so is there a recommended time to wait for them to get the bugs out.They have issues with two programs I run: system works 2003 and zone alarm pro version 4.5( rolled back from version 5.0 due to bugs) it figures sp2 has issues with both versions of zap.any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pat
  9. thanks it probably would have taken me a while to figure that one out. greatly appriciated
  10. This is definetly is not east coast time.
  11. I like what I see. It does not feel clutered or distracting. It has a very familiar feel to it, scary isn't it?