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  1. Sad to hear. We have lost a lot of good people through the years. Prayers to all
  2. Sultan helped me when I barely knew where the power button was. Time sure flies. Got a chance to gain some knowledge from a lot of great people through the years here and ttv. Stay safe all! take care, Pat
  3. Hi Chuck, just figured it out. windows 10 took away the ability to export contacts in WLM.(mine is greyed out) You can only pull up contacts if you have the people app and outlook mail. luckily I kept outlook. All I have to do is send out mail from outlook and request reply, open it WLM and add contact. problem solved. They sure changed up things in windows 10.
  4. Hi Chuck, I've decided to leave both laptop and computer with windows live mail on pop 3. Outlook was such a stripped out program I was glad to finally figure out how to get windows live mail back. the problem I am having now is that Microsoft stopped file transfer wizard in windows 10. I need to move contacts from the laptop to the computer. I have googled it but not sure what is going to be the easiest way. as always any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pat
  5. Hi Chuck, It has taken a while to get back. It has been a bit of a pain. After the windows update removed windows live mail I was replaced with outlook (what a stripped out bare bones mail client that is) So I set it up. I decided to take out the laptop blow off the dust and do a windows update (it took a really long time. I bought my wife a tablet while back so the laptop sat) Low and behold when the update was done I opened up the mail expecting outlook but there was windows live mail. It was not working but I was able to use the troubleshooter and it started working. I was able to dow
  6. hi Chuck, I did a recovery and everything went OK except windows live mail. I had no idea MS changed it. It syncs up with very little settings. ( it won't sync up. I have a verizon email that goes tru AOL. I need a new email client I can set up pop 3 or imap. I dislike going on AOL for emails. I would rather have a email client on computer. I save emails (online orders, paid bill conformations etc.) I am running a recovery program for emails (ease us) Hopefully I can recover emails and put them in the new email client. ALL windows updates are installed. There were a lot before that
  7. Hi Chuck, There were a few adobe flash updates I was able to get rid of, but there is a kb update that is listed with no installation date that I can't delete. (the uninstall option does not come up) It just keeps telling me to restart and when I do it says installation failed. There were other Microsoft updates that were listed in history as failed. I am stumped. Is there any other way to get rid of this update (in case it's corrupt) so it can be reinstalled properly? any help is greatly appreciated. The update that is stuck is kb 4103727(45) Thanks, Pat
  8. I have a windows update that has not installed, and every time I shut off the computer it says install and shut down. the screen goes green and then shuts down. When I start up the computer it says please wait. I do and the message says failed. I it not installed how can I get rid of it. It has been going on for months. Any help is greatly appreciated as always Thanks, Pat
  9. Hi Chuck, Brake clean is some pretty strong stuff. what the heck will that energy drink do to your innards? yikes.
  10. problem solved. took a while, had to go trough manual set up. finally got it
  11. Greetings all, I've got myself in a pickle. I got a new tracfone and was setting up the email in the new phone when I accidently erased the server password on the old phone. Is there any way to see the password on the main computer. I can get to properties but can't see the password. It is Verizon mail through AOL, with windows live mail. tried all the passwords I have written down and still can't connect to server. as always any help is greatly appreciated. thanks, Pat
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    Windows 10

    Hi Chuck, I know you have well over 2,300 thank you's. You are greatly appreciated. Heck I probably owe you close to that many. (going back to ttv) and once again. Thank you. Take care, Pat
  13. novi

    Happy New Year

    A happy and healthy New Year to everyone. take care, Pat
  14. Greetings bearskin. good to see you. hope all is well. you should be in the record books for longest me run.
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    Happy holidays

    I wanted to pass on greetings to anyone passing through. Happy holidays to all, and a happy and healthy New Year to everyone.
  16. Hi Chuck, Thanks for getting back with me. Tried what you suggested, it seems to lock up on the dell screen with the progress bar full and goes no further. If you can think of anything else please let me know. As always I appreciate all your help. Take care, Pat
  17. greetings all. I have an unusual problem. I have gotten a laptop from my stepson who has recently passed away. I think he may have been on some not so good sites. He had told me some time back that he thought he was hacked, and said he thinks the were able to get into his video camera. he never used it again. I knew his old password and could not get in. I went in the bios and found that the hard drive is locked. I would like to give the laptop to his brothers son for school since they don't have much money. I would like to wipe it clean and start fresh for the boy. It is a dell laptop with vi
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    Jeff's birthday

    happy belated birthday Jeff. hope it was a great day for you.
  19. Hi Chuck and Pete. Feeling a little stupid. Chuck the link you gave was awesome it is definitely a saver. Pete what I looked up, was exactly what you said. Once I opened it up I was able to pin it to the taskbar. Thank you both for the help. No more drag and drop! Take care, Pat
  20. thanks for the link Chuck. I will let you know how I make out. as always much appreciated. take care, Pat
  21. I was having problem opening the edge browser from the quick launch, so I deleted the shortcut. I tried to drag and drop the icon from the desktop back into the quick launch and it wont drop in. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks and take care, Pat
  22. have not stopped in lately. RIP TT. He was good people.
  23. Hi it looks great around here. A fresh coat of paint really does wonders take care, Pat
  24. thanks Chuck. It just seems I can't do some things with edge that I could do with IE. Things do seem more stable and quicker but, sometimes I will save web pages in my documents on this computer (not on the cloud) like online orders, paid bills etc. IE gives me that option. I guess it's them browser I'm most familiar with. When I had XP I would use Mozilla because IE was so slow. I guess I'll keep 10. edge does give you the option of opening IE in a drop down box. thanks for the input Chuck. Take care, Pat