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  1. it is a good software that will help the children to learn more about the browsing the internet . these is a good security software . this is a good information so that most of the people can learn more about the online Norton. with the help of this software parents can learn their parents about the internet explorer.
  2. this is the good information which will help the peoples whose computers are infected by the anti virus software. the conficker removal tool help the peoples to remove the conficker from the computer and safe the computers from the conficker.
  3. this the good information about the conficker conficker is more powerful anti virus software . it destroyed the computer windows completely. this virus launched on 1 april 2009.
  4. conficker is the virus, which is more powerful that destroys the computer windows . so that it is important to installed the anti virus and update these anti virus software's continuously so to protect the computer from the conficker. this is the new virus so there are no anti virus software that will help to protect the computer from the virus.
  5. i am using the hp photos smart 5060 printer. no , i did not try to connect the ping the laptops to the computers. i installed the drivers but i am using the internet in both the laptops. i will try to ping the laptops to the other laptops.
  6. I run win xp sp3 You see at my office, we have a printer, that we need to share to the network, we have 5 pc's, 2 desktop and 3 laptops, I created a network so we can share the printer, the network seems to be working fine because this laptop, can find the printer looking through the network name, when I go to control panel, fax and printers, add printer, I select browse for printer, and I'm able to see the printer under the network name... But the other 2 laptops can't see it, I've tried everything that I think it will work but it doesn't... Can anyone give me any ideas please? I've tried thi
  7. it is not possible to upgrade my laptop. so that i can not attach the external graphics card in my laptop. i contacted the local technician and ask them to sold this laptop. after sold this laptop i will buy the new laptop.
  8. you have two sound drivers so both the drivers are conflicting with each other , may be this is the problem in the computer. so uninstalled both the sound drivers from the computer completely after that installed the external sound card driver only .
  9. first update the windows media player . so the compatibility check between the windows media player and the xp service 3.
  10. i am very happy that you are able to get the sound in the computer with out loosing anything.
  11. thanks for sharing the information about the up gradation of vista service [pack 1. it is a good information so that every one can installed the service packs in the computer.
  12. no i am trying to find out is there any way to add the new latest graphics card in the laptop. i am not able to play the games on my laptop. so please help me. i really appreciate you for the answer. thanks
  13. download the java from the internet . your problem should be resolved. before downloading the java check the java in the add and remove programs if it exists than uninstalled there after that restart the computer and try to installed the latest version of java.
  14. i will try your options and i hope that the problem should be resolved. before one month i updated my graphics card driver but there is no problem at that time after 20 days i was facing this problem. i really appreciate for you cooperation.
  15. you can only fix this address from the google maps. for this you logged in into the google maps after that correct the address so that your address would be correct