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  1. what are your thoughts on windows 10, the good, the bad and the ugly. I would appreciate the input. I am trying to decide weather to roll back or not. I know they streamlined the browser, to me it seems like you can't do as much as you can with IE. Thanks, Pat
  2. was able to download 10. It took about 2 hrs. the one thing that is definitely different in the browser, are the missing bars. its funny how we get used to stuff. I guess there will always be a learning curve with new things.
  3. Thanks Chuck, I won't have time for a few weeks to download. I have a laptop and a desktop I'm itching to update. take care, Pat
  4. Hi Chuck, let us know if there are any pit falls . Just curious what is the biggest thing you notice about 10 thanks, pat
  5. Hi Brian, It's funny you mention about the features that will be lost in the upgrade to 10. I just finished reading that. I think I will wait and see how things shake out with the upgrade. Thanks, Pat
  6. thanks Chuck I will wait. I checked the notification and it says reserve a copy. appreciate the input. thanks, Pat
  7. Hang in there TT. Hopefully the summer will help you heal. take care, Pat
  8. Greetings all, just wanted to know if windows 10 is ok to update on laptop (win. 7) and desktop (win. 8.1) stability wise (still beta) or should I wait? thanks for any and all input. take care, Pat
  9. I almost forgot about the tiger. he is missed.
  10. hang in there tt. hope things get better for you soon. take care, pat
  11. It will be a shame if besttechie goes away. throughout the years I know I have gotten so much needed help from so many knowledgeable people. It has been great to come here and just say hi to all. With all the changes in os's and such I am surprised there is not more traffic. I hope things do pick up. Pat
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    good luck tt.take it easy take care, pat
  13. novi

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to Chuck, rv56 and all the people of BT. Be safe. take care, Pat
  14. Hi Pete, I don't think windows 8 and xp play well together. xp uses a work group name and windows 8 uses a password. From what I read Microsoft says you can only network windows 8 with nothing older than windows 7. (I could have read that wrong) Hi Chuck, Thanks I did not even think of a flash drive. It would have saved a lot of wear and tear on the eyeballs. greatly appreciate input from you both. This new windows is going to take some getting used to! After about 10 years with xp it was like an old pair of comfy shoes. take care, Pat
  15. Greetings all, I final bit the bullet and got a new computer w/ 8.1. I want to know what I can transfer from xp home 32 bit to windows 8.1 64 bit (if anything). I have done some reading and it says the transfer wizard will not work but, I can go through a Microsoft website and as long as both computers have internet access do the transfer that way. Any help as always would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Pat
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    Happy B Day

    jeff being that this is the 10th anniversary, if i remember correctly I am going to say happy 26th b day ( am I close?)
  17. holy smokes, happy 10th. where does the time go?
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    Where are you ?

    Greetings jsky. long time no hear. hope all is good. Good to hear from you Barb. Glad you are doing better. take care, Pat
  19. Thanks guys, dan I wouldupgrade to windows 7 but the upgrade advisor says aint enought gas in the tank to upgrade this 10 year old box. Thanks for the link Chuck. I think I will take a shot this or next weekend to do a fresh install.I appriciate all help. Take care, Pat
  20. Greetings all, I was trying to reinstall xp on my computer before april 8th, I did not get the chance. Is it too late to get all the updates up until microsoft pulled support? I had not done a reinstall in years and I just remember the computer running much faster. (can't quite make the jump to a new computer yet ) as always any help is greatly appriciated. thanks, Pat
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    Where are you ?

    Greetings to all. I also look back at the ttv days fondly. It was a great place to get help when needed, and to keep in touch with good people. (even before social media) Heck when I started watching ttv and coming on the forums I had gotten a second had computer and barely knew how to push the power button. I always appriciated the help and learned a lot. Even though I don't post much I stop in when I can. I have been around less in the last year because we moved into our first house about a year ago and between that and the job it has been busy to say the least. I still enjoy seeing posts f
  22. chuck congrats on the new toy. have 7 on the laptop, have not used 8. still mostly use the desktop with xp. i guess i'll have to take the plunge soon to upgrade desktop. good luck, pat
  23. Hi Chuck, was comming back to report problem is fixed.(don't know why computer could not install drivers) I found the drivers folder and reinstalled the nvidia drivers and all is good. thanks Chuck. take care, Pat great find for the drivers Chuck. put that link into my favs. You and major geeks rule. thanks
  24. Greetings all, I stop in from time to time to say hello, but can't remember the last time I had a problem. I have one now. I noticed the other day on IE that when I used the scroll everything on the screen moved like a wave. I went to device manager and saw a yellow exclamation point next to video controller. When I went to properties it said the drivers for this device are not installed (code 28), and it gives no manufacturer. I have tried to install drivers and it says it can't find them. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. This is an old emachines box. thanks, Pat T 308