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  1. Rest in peace Marsh my friend..You were a good man You always helped as soon as you could.
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    just stopped by

    Hi Shadow, Its been a long time since I've seen the old vu meter. Hope all is well with you too. take care, Pat
  3. novi

    just stopped by

    Good to see everyone. Sure does feel like a ttv flashback. Hope all is well. I wonder who else might pop in? take care, Pat
  4. Happy Birthday Hightest. Hope it's a good one for ya. take care, Pat
  5. Happy belated Birthday Jeff, Hope it was a good one
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    RIP Marty my friend.
  7. Happy birthday TT,hope it was a great day for ya.take care,Pat
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    Hi Marty, I hope things are getting better for you. Sounds like rough time. If you need anything let us know and please keep us posted. Take care, Pat
  9. novi

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Years to all.
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    Happy Holidays Marty, Hope all is well with you. Take care and stop in when you can Take care, Pat
  11. Hi Lefty, I know E machines was sold to gateway at one point, and I'm not sure who owns it now. I don;t know how likely it would be to get a restore disk from them. I know you can get a restore disk from restore I have purchased a restore disk from them before and it worked great, and it just happened to be for an emachines. Hope that helped. Take care, Pat
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    Hi Marty, I was at work and felt nothing at all. I got a phone call from my wife saying she was in the shower when the quake hit. She thought her balance was off and fell. She only found about the quake after she went downstairs and turned on the radio. I think it was about a 5.9 that was felt from the Carolina's to Canada. It is rare for a quake around these parts. Hope all is ok with you. Thanks, Pat
  13. Happy belated b-day Jeff. Hope it was a good one for ya. Take care,Pat
  14. thanks bozodog hope yours was good too.take care,pat
  15. Hi Marty, Thought of you as soon as I heard the news. Glad to hear you are ok. Keep us posted. Take care, Pat
  16. Hi Chuck, Happy New Year to you too. I do like that beast.. I can see where that would come in real handy and be a lot of fun. I have a while to go before I retire. Started making eyeglasses about 33 years ago, done it all from bottom to top and top to bottom. Take care, Pat
  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New years and Happy holidays to all. No thanks TT I am still recovering from last years snow. Peace and joy to all, Pat
  18. Hi HB, I think TT's suggestion is a good one. Time and money wise it's probably your best bet. I know how you feel, between spring and summer my truck gave me fits with several problems.good luck and let us know how you make out. take care, Pat
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    Picture thread

    how cute is that pic they look very content.
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    Picture thread

    Houdy Hitest, Thats a great idea. I'll have to charge up the dc take care, Pat
  21. Happy Birthday Jeff, Hope it was a great day for ya.
  22. Happy Belated Birthday TT, Hope it was a great day for ya. Take care, Pat
  23. Happy Birthday Tyme ol buddy, Hope it's a great day for ya and I hope all is well. Enjoy the day Take care, Pat
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    A salute

    A salute to all that served our country, and to all who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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    Up and Running

    Hello and greetings to all, Good to be back. Sure did miss this place. Hope everyone is well. Take care, Pat p.s. Dorothy said it all