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  1. Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 using IE 10 or 11 I have not had any problems playing games on FB. I mostly do Zynga Poker. Slots sometimes.
  2. Why? What didn't they like about it. This is the first MB that I have seen anybody say that they have done this.
  3. I for the life of me can't figure out why people think that System Restore is a miracle worker. Lots of times it does way more harm and makes things harder to figure out and get straight than it is worth.
  4. I thought that thing was from like 2012 - My Bad hehehehe - But I usually LOATHE any sites that say you can "watch anything" for *free* Most times, loads your PC with Garbage Brian They meant to say Free Garbage. Got to read between the lines.
  5. WOT shows it to be OK. But I have heard people get some nasty stuff from "safe" websites before. Nothing is 100% safe. But it does give us a new topic today...
  6. Is this thread that we are in now related to this thread? Little confusing if it is as to why 2 threads are going.
  7. My IE also shows a problem with Skype. It is up to date. Must be a quirk in IE or Skype that they don't like one another.
  8. If you have MBAM installed. go to the More Tools Tab. File Assassin is there. No need to download it.
  9. MrBill


    [His daughters and son appreciate the thoughts and prayers. They said THANK YOU.
  10. MrBill


    Just received word today that Marty passed away. He was doing bad and then got better then had problems. We never met, but did chat several times on Google Chat and we e-mailed one another several times a day.
  11. A little reading for you.
  12. Open up IE (Internet Explorer) click on Tools/Delete Browsing History and put a check in all the boxes except Passwords. Click Delete and it will delete everything. Give it a few seconds and a pop up window will appear at the bottom of your screen that says IE has finished deleting the selected browsing history. Then X out of the pop up. If using another browerser, look at the other post.
  13. Any program or just some programs? Do they even show up there?
  14. How do you know it can connect to the internet? What did you use to do this with?