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    what do you want now?
  2. direct embeded video Pierce
  3. be a geek and use google: 100000 bytes in kilobytes http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=1...G=Google+Search returns 100 000 bytes = 97.65625 kilobytes
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    Nice work! :thumbsup: Pierce
  5. admit it jeff, i am your new god Pierce
  6. ntpd for linux ported to windows: http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Main/ExternalT...crosoft_Windows Pierce
  7. For all the super forum junkies, let me know what you think of 2.2.1, vs vbulletin(cant think of any techie sites for vbulletin off hand but im sure somebody knows at least one) Pierce
  8. the way i do it, is cd /usr/ports then the relivant folders when in the program folder you want to install, make && make install Then follow the instructions. The ports snap if im correct, updates the ports tree which is a good idea before going into /usr/ports and installing any application. Pierce
  9. http://www.besttechie.net/forums/index.php...p;hl=speed+test
  10. Dell computers used to come with linux, but it wasnt very popular.
  11. It does stop popups. And, there was an exploite found for it hours after launch (what i really want to know is why didnt the testing lab test it in RC??) Its a good product, but time will tell. I dont know how many people are going to warm to it. Espically thoes used to IE6. Pierce
  12. Im in opera. Maybe thats why, *checks with ff* hand in FF. For a gallery, where you have pictures, it might be a bit small? Pierce
  13. The buttons need to have a hand rather than a mouse pointer. People get confused and might not even try to click on the links to the left. A bit dark, but that depends on what sort of pictures. Pierce
  14. Are you using an ethernet card and conecting to a router? Pierce
  15. Ive been playing with RC1, and to be honest, it looks fantastic. I have to question myself, why do i want vista? Is it for the flashy interface, the security, or is it the 64bit that no-one is really supporting for home desktops? For all of the above please see www.apple.com . However, if you like playing games use windows xp, till such time developers start using 64bit. If you want, all of the above, plus support for tablets, laptops, media centers, games, compatable aps, 64bit and 32bit intergration, so many built in apps that youll never find them all, native desktop widgits that seemlessly
  16. Sounds like a great project. Yes, its possible. Is it easy? No, even in java with all the libraries its not easy. Why not? Why not try setting the timeout a bit longer? Pierce
  17. They are pretty big on youtube, its all setup Pierce
  18. Thanks jeff Unfortunatly the site is down for the time being, I do not have enough time to post on it, or make it any better. However, when im finished my final year ill open it up again, and have loads of time to work on it. Pierce
  19. Thanks for letting them know it was my idea jeff? Pierce
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    its not auto installed, so it had to be installed or preinstalled. You can use something like VLC Media Player to play QT files. Pierce
  21. Having a router does nothing. Now if you have a router with NAT enabled, then that definatly helps. NAT was a great security invention that happened as a by product of CISCO trying to find a solution for running out of IPv4 addresses. For the port scanning, theres people with botnets that scan an entire ip range 3 times a day for certain vunrabilities, oh joy. Pierce
  22. ask lenovo if you can be a reseller. They are unlikly to say no, though they might have rules, like you must buy x computers a year. Pierce
  23. Aren't useful to me. I don't use back and forward that often and, because I'm usually on a laptop, keyboard shortcuts are easier than mouse gestures and chords. I think Firefox has scroll wheel tab paging. Anyway, my laptop doesn't have a scroll wheel That I do miss. There's probably an extension that does it. I don't use multiple windows often enough to look. Utility and usability are more important than cool. I don't need a shiny four-function calculator in my web browser. Did nothing but get in my way. I like my BT clients. Switch to vim window, type ctrl-[4098G I don't think I've e