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    Thanks for the help & the kind words! I still cant belive how long it's been...that post is 2 years old...an AAcenet even older.
  2. pb3400


    BUMP!!!!! Pierce...you alive man?
  3. Yeah...i can't do anything about the mem consumption. but it seemed to fix itself, after what i count to be atleast 50 restarts. but if it happens again, i would like to know what caused it. Jon
  4. Hello! yesterday i was just going along using the comp as normal, then i froze so i restarted. Now, all the processes are using super large amounts of ram and pagefile, and its driving me crazy because i cant do anything. I tried resetting the pagefile, but to no ado. Please, somebody help me.... Jon
  5. pb3400

    Which Is Faster

    Um, if you would use superconductors, they are usually cryogenic, than i beleice electricity would win/
  6. pb3400


    Hey pierce! You prolly don't remember me, from aacnet a couple years back. Anyways, im trying to get in touch with you, and i think you are on this message board, well, i hope you are, cuz if you aern't i just amde myself llok like an ass, anyways, please, be here. I have to talk to you, pb3400 a.k.a Jonathan a.k.a redwingfalcon