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  1. You have an intel card, try the ipw2100 package. instructions
  2. It seems Adobe has made an APIavailable to allow adttional features be written by the community. Not FOSS but, an interesting step in my opinion.
  3. So far I havent had any problems with 9, although flash loads considerabley slower for me in opera then firefox. But I can finally play the adult swim flash games. Also, adobe also released flex2 for linux.
  4. Thumbnail doesn't expand when clicked (opera and firefox). I like the simple design, easy to navigate and on the eyes.
  5. What confuses me is if the whole issue is based on a trademarked logo wouldn't gnome and kde be an issue as well?
  6. Probably, I tend to use a terminal to install and forget there are semi-decent gui tools to do it aswell. @Mychal007 There may be an error in your sources.list can you post it?
  7. From that error it could be just a typo, you dont have a space between mozilla-mplayer and w32codecs. Can you post your sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list)?
  8. Yes I did. and it's still not working correctly. Can you link to some specific pages? The audio I tried worked fine, but I didn't navigate the site much. I suspect the content you want is written in flash 9 which wont be out for linux until early 2007 (as of now), bu at least it is coming.
  9. sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer w32codecs
  10. Looks good though the design may be a bit busy for some, and I personaly think the ctrl-d to bookmark is alittle pretentious. But most importantly it is spelt A-F-F-I-L-I-A-T-E; honestly it is hard to take a site serious, especially any kind of "profesional" site if there are mis-spelled words.
  11. Try installing mozilla-mplayer and w32codecs.
  12. Maybe try a different compiler/ide like sharpdevelop or envelop.
  13. Is the function defined twice in your code or is that a copy paste error? A quick google confirms that error is due to subroutines of the same name.
  14. I dont have any control over it, the site ends the login session after a period of inactivity (I'll assume around 30 seconds). So, I either remember every value for every field (there are alot) or do it programmaticaly, I also preffer the later as it would allow my girlfriend to do the billing herself and me to do other things.