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  1. A look at the source code tells me they're using javascript. Shouldn't be too difficult. If you didn't need the mouseover, you could use somethings like iFrames. <a href="java script:;" title="3-Button Remote" onmouseover="window.status='3-Button Remote'; showProduct_showDiv('divFeature44');return true;" onmouseout="window.status=' '; return true;" class="spotlightLink" target="_top">3-Button Remote</a><br><br> Haven't worked much with java but there is a reference code from the site. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck.
  2. I fixed the left hand background. I tried to make it auto-center. It should look better now.
  3. A new template which I haven't quite finished yet: Website Beta I don't think the content part is quite how I want it yet.
  4. I can make one for you if you like. Current site is in my sig. Portfolio is
  5. Pierce, I'm still kicking out the glitches with the gallery. I have something up now, but I don't like how the images pop up in their own huge window. Maybe I'll find some Java script solution. I've also come up with another site that is Mac themed. It can be found HERE
  6. I have the same resolution. Yeh, it's supposed to be that size. I went for a smaller, sort of minimalistic feel.
  7. It's a hand for me, weird. Plus, they don't really link to anything right now so that's probably why.
  8. So I was bored and wanted to make a website for my photoshop gallery. I spent a few hours on this template. When I make it live, the text areas won't be images. I wanted it simple and small-ish and centered. This is what I got. Tips and critiques are welcome. Link To Site
  9. Yeh, they weren't kidding about their requirements haha.
  10. Yes, it will fit. Your laptop has a PCMCIA port that the card is made for.
  11. Like isteve said, try to see your files from another computer on the network because I bet you won't.
  12. Very cool. I was thinking about getting it, but just can't force myself to install such an early release. The company for which I work is a Microsoft Partner, so we'll probably be getting the install disk pretty soon, so I MIGHT be tempted to take it for a test drive. I'd be interested if you have found any more bugs while using it. Good luck!
  13. Why would you hold both shift keys down?